The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 299 - I’ll Go With You. Drink If You Lose

Chapter 299 - I’ll Go With You. Drink If You Lose

Yun Jian took a short break with Si Yi at the pavilion without expecting to hear her brother’s name.

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There was also Chen Yubing’s name mentioned too!

She was planning to sleep with Yun Yi and make sure what was done could not be undone? She was planning to set her brother up then!

Yun Jian was suddenly reminded that her brother had woken up early today to join a school gathering.

If it was a school gathering, would Chen Yubing be there too? It made sense!

She was going to trap Yun Yi by leveraging this gathering!

"Hehe, of course, it’s for real. I even heard that a few classes are joining the gathering this time and Chen Yubing’s the one who organized it. See, everyone’s calling it a gathering but really, it’s just her scheming a plan to trap Senior Yun Yi!"

The two girls did not realize that their conversation was heard. On the contrary, the volume of their voices raised, unlike the whispers earlier, because no one was around them.

"Will Senior Yun Yi go, though?" another girl asked curiously.

"Of course!" The girl who had been telling the story got excited, like she was going to tell everything she knew to another girl.

"Chen Yubing has tactics, you know? She’s not in the same class as Senior Yun Yi but she knows people in his class and secretly asked his classmate to invite the other students. No one even knows that the gathering is her plan!"

"Senior Yun Yi is going down this time, isn’t he?" Another girl cut in.



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By the time the girls were done with their conversations and walked off hand in hand, Yun Jian who was standing behind the disguise of the trees in front of the restroom where the girls stood finally showed herself with a glower.

Her lips were pressed together tightly as her eyes flashed with a piercing gleam.

Si Yi who stood beside her with his hands in his pants pockets wore a hint of belligerence as well.

Was that Chen-something-Bing woman seeking death by laying a finger on his brother-in-law?

If Si Yi’s thought was heard by Yun Jian, she would definitely retort him. Since when had her brother become his brother-in-law?

"Are you going back?" Yun Jian turned around to face Si Yi, her eyelashes on her delicate little face fluttering as she blinked at him.

Her intention was clear. She was not letting something happen to Yun Yi and she was asking if he wanted to go with her.

"I’ll go with you." Si Yi tilted to the side, looking down at the girl who was one head shorter than him with a boyish smirk.

"Oh." Yun Jian nodded and then said, "Let’s go home now. You drive."

It had been a while since Yun Yi had left. If Chen Yubing was really planning something, they should still make it in time if they rushed there now.

Although the girls said that Chen Yubing was carrying out her plan tonight, Yun Jian thought that with the latter’s character, she would act on it immediately once Yun Yi fell for her trap!

Yun Jian’s guess was correct. Chen Yubing was thinking of sleeping with Yun Yi whenever her plan came through.

As for Yun Yi, he had been singing for a while now with his friends in a karaoke venue. There were people from other classes like Chen Yubing but he was not skeptical of it.

Then, a girl who was not the prettiest but still easy to the eyes stood up and cheered, "Let’s play a game! Drink if you lose!"

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