The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 30 - Do I Qualify Now?

Chapter 30 - Do I Qualify Now?

"Mm." Yun Jian nodded. They were also having PE in this period.

"Wow, you guys know each other, Xiao Jian?" Lu Feiyan shifted her gaze between Yun Jian and Li Xiangyi in surprise.

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"We met twice." Yun Jian explained.

Lu Feiyan nodded with an "Oh".

Li Xiangyi scratched his head out of habit and raised the basketball in his hands quite shyly. "Hey, um, the weather’s pretty good today, so the few of us are out to practice basketball. Yun Jian, do you know how to play?"

Actually, it was a stupid question to ask a girl if she knew how to play basketball.

A boy who stood beside Li Xiangyi laughed clapping the latter’s shoulder and spoke first, "Say, Li Xiangyi, isn’t it a waste to ask? The most a girl could do playing basketball is tapping the ball twice and trying to shoot. They won’t be able to play in a match! Are you actually thinking to ask this girl to join our team?"

Chuckling awkwardly, Li Xiangyi had still kept his gaze at Yun Jian.

They were going to have a basketball match a few days later. It was a friendly match between them and another school.

A player in their team got injured and was certainly unable to participate in that match, thus they wanted to recruit another player despite how unrealistic it seemed. After all, people who really knew how to play basketball were scarce.

It did not make sense for them to play against another school with a missing player as well. It was not fair to them.

When Li Xiangyi saw Yun Jian today, the scene of her killing the cobra replayed in his mind once more.

If Yun Jian knew how to play basketball and could join their team, the chance of their team winning would be higher with her amazing agility!

Of course, Li Xiangyi was not sure if the girl knew how to play the sport.

Unexpectedly, Yun Jian smiled a little and nodded whilst the teenagers watched. "I know a bit."

She knew a little about basketball; shooting at the basket was just like throwing various flying knives and daggers during assassinations. Relatively speaking, basketball was bigger in size and simpler.

"Huh, Xiao Jian, you know how to play? Why didn’t I know!" Lu Feiyan exclaimed in shock.

"I learn from my brother, so I know some." Yun Jian lied effortlessly.

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"That can’t do it!" The boy beside Li Xiangyi commented again and paused to talk to Li Xiangyi with a slightly stricter tone, "It’s not realistic at all to let a girl join our basketball team and compete against boys from other schools. Can she shoot? She’ll burden our team instead. Li Xiangyi, I’m the first to disagree with this. Don’t even think about it!"

The boy who disagreed was one of Li Xiangyi’s good friends, Wu Kui, who was also a member of the Xinjiang Town Junior High School basketball team.

Yun Jian finally made out that Li Xiangyi was proposing for her to join the basketball team for a competition from his conversation with Wu Kui.

In spite of it, she could also deduce from Wu Kui’s tone that everyone else other than Li Xiangyi seemed to be brushing off her statement of being able to play basketball.

Forget basketball, she could kill a person with a needle by striking their fatal point even from a far distance. In comparison, basketball was nothing.

"You want me to join your basketball team?" Yun Jian turned to ask Li Xiangyi.

The boy was stunned for a brief second before nodding dumbly. "Yeah."

"Okay, I will." Yun Jian smiled in a friendly manner.

"Hold up, we haven’t agreed to it! She’s not qualified to take part in the match with us!" Wu Kui rejected her strongly seeing that Yun Jian did not take the hint and took the initiative instead.

Who said that they wanted her in the team? Did they all agree?

Right after Wu Kui spoke, Yun Jian stood up from the ground and hooked the basketball in Li Xiangyi’s hands to herself.

What happened next astonished everyone on the spot.

Yun Jian held the ball with both hands and tossed it.

With a beautiful arc, the basketball flew toward the basket that was thirty to forty meters away.

Then, it went in!

The basketball stand was so far away it was basically the length of a basketball court, yet Yun Jian had actually made a shot from where she was.

Everyone who watched was dumbstruck.

Gosh! Did their eyes play a trick on them?

They then heard the girl say with a smile, "Do I qualify now?"

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