The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 300 - The Ploy Of A Game And The Gross C.o.c.ktail

Chapter 300 - The Ploy Of A Game And The Gross C.o.c.ktail

Once playing a game was suggested, the teenagers who were quite bored with singing karaoke felt a zing charging them up again.

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"Zhuzhu, what game are we playing?" A boy hollered at the girl who suggested they play a game.

The average-looking girl called Zhuzhu replied to the boy, before she eyed Chen Yubing who was sitting a little farther quietly despite her raging impatience. Then, she told everyone, "Calm down. I’ll set the rules of the game. Don’t worry, I guarantee that it’s fair and exciting!"

Zhuzhu was from Yun Yi’s class and was the gathering host whom everyone assumed her to be.

In fact, she was sold by Chen Yubing and had immediately helped her with this. When Chen Yubing thought of organizing a gathering, Zhuzhu stepped up and misled everyone into thinking that she was hosting it.

Seeing that Zhuzhu was carrying out her plan step by step, Chen Yubing who was hiding in a corner could not help the smile that stretched her face.

Hah, Yun Yi said that he did not like her? She was going to make him like her then!

So what if he did not like her? When they sleep together, there is no way of going back, Yun Yi had to bear the responsibility even if he did not like her!

By then, there was nothing his seemingly amazing sister, Yun Jian, could do!

Furthermore, Chen Yubing had made sure everything was arranged, even Yun Yi’s mother, Qin Yirou, would be invited to the ’crime scene’ when she and Yun Yi were done.

There was no way Yun Yi could get out of this!


Zhuzhu had a way with words. Although she was not the prettiest face, she was quick to shake up the party.

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"Everyone has to join okay! We’re a team!" What Zhuzhu said caused Yun Yi who did not want to partake in the game initially to be pulled into it by the other boys.

Xu Haozhe was absent today due to some matters he had to tend to. As his best friend, Yun Yi understood that.

Inwardly, Yun Yi disliked games like this, but he joined in anyway as the boys cheered and spurred him on.

The game Zhuzhu introduced was simple. Everyone was to sit together in a circle with a spinner placed in the center. Zhuzhu would spin it and the person the spinner pointed at would have to draw a lot.

What they would be drawing were folded papers with punishments written on them.

Basically, whoever the spinner pointed to would have to draw a paper of punishment from the pile. If the paper was empty, then the person would be saved from a penalty; if there was a punishment written, the person would have to perform its instructions accordingly.

Zhuzhu was experienced with spinning the spinner. After getting a handful of random people, she spun the spinner to Yun Yi and gave him the papers to draw from. She had exchanged those punishment papers for the same content across the folded pieces.

When Yun Yi unfolded the paper, it wrote "Drink a specially mixed c.o.c.ktail."

"Wow!" The teenagers whistled and shouted.

The reason was that the c.o.c.ktail was gross, produced from mixing various fruit juices and alcohols together. It was nasty but it was the most anticipated part of the game.

Whoever was pointed by the spinner and was unfortunate enough to draw this paper would have to down this gross c.o.c.ktail.

"Bottom’s up! Bottom’s up! Bottom’s up!" With Yun YI being the unlucky one, everyone fired him up. All of them were happy to see someone else receiving the grand penalty, so they rallied harder.

Unable to do anything else, Yun Yi picked up the mixture of juices and alcohol to drink it in a gulp. The burning sensation plus the awful smell stopped him from noticing the unusual taste in the c.o.c.ktail.

During then, Zhuzhu turned to give Chen Yubing a ’mission accomplished’ look.

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