The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 301 - Tell Me Where’s My Brother Or Die

Chapter 301 - Tell Me Where’s My Brother Or Die

After Yun Yi downed the gross c.o.c.ktail, he felt a little dizzy. He was not used to drinking but he drank it anyway as he was participating in a group game.

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As Zhuzhu went on conducting the game, Yun Yi was no longer a target of the spinner anymore.

Chen Yubing who sat on the opposite of Yun Yi kept her heated gaze on him.

"Hey, Yun Yi, you don’t look so good. Why don’t I send you home first?" a boy suddenly spoke up. The boy, Zhao Yishan, was Yun Yi’s classmate and was also bought by Chen Yubing.

People who came from poorer families, especially school children of this era of time, were easily tempted by money. Chen Yubing was smart to take advantage of this.

"Yeah, Zhao Yishan, send him back first. It’d be bad if something actually happens to him." Zhuzhu pretended like she knew nothing as she blinked her eyes whilst also eyeing Zhao Yishan.

Receiving the signal, Zhao Yishan did not care if Yun Yi made a reply. He walked over and hauled him up to leave the place.

As tall as Yun Yi was, he was helped out of the karaoke by Zhao Yishan who was smaller than him.

Yun Yi felt parched. His vision was beginning to swim and his body felt warm. He was held up by Zhao Yishan as they went off together.

When Zhao Yishan headed out holding on to Yun Yi, he gestured to Chen Yubing, telling her that he was going to take Yun Yi to the place they had agreed upon.

"Come on! We’ll continue the game!" A wide grin stretched across Zhuzhu’s face when she caught a glimpse of Yun Yi being propped up and away by Zhao Yishan. It was like she could already see the reward Chen Yubing promised her after the plan succeeded.

The other students did not notice how off Yun Yi’s state was. Their attention was peaking at the game, after all, as they began another round of the spinner.

Sometime later, Chen Yubing made up an excuse and left the karaoke as well.

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Yun Jian ran back home with Si Yi to have the latter drive his Lamborghini to the karaoke. Fortunately, Yun Yi had mentioned the address to her in the morning, so Yun Jian could head there directly without checking.

It was one of the handful of karaoke places Longmen City had. During this decade, karaoke was both a place for singing and other shady illicit activities.

After verifying the room at the counter, Yun Jian made a dash to Room K18. She managed to find out that the booth Yun Yi and friends were in was the room K18.

Walking shoulder to shoulder with Si Yi, Yun Jian was the one to kick the door open since she was closer to it when they came to the room.

The loud bang caused the group who was playing the spinner game inside to jump.

"Who is it?" The teenagers saw Yun Jian and Si Yi walking through the door once they recovered from the shock of Yun Jian kicking the furniture.

"Huh? Isn’t this Yun Yi’s sister?" someone spoke up, having recognized Yun Jian.

Zhuzhu who heard her name, and who had just done something against her conscience averted her gaze. It was timely that Yun Jian caught her fleeting eyes. She scanned the room and failing to spot her brother, Yun Jian’s eyes looked down as she asked, "Where’s my brother?"


"I think Zhao Yishan sent him home. Your brother didn’t look like he felt well."

Someone answered immediately.

"Didn’t look like he felt well?" Yun Jian snorted and strode to Zhuzhu. With a raise of hand, her cool fingers clamped around the girl’s neck.

"Where’s my brother! Last chance, keep quiet and I’ll kill you!"

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