The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 303 - Address Obtained. Deserving To Stay Alive

Chapter 303 - Address Obtained. Deserving To Stay Alive

Everyone in the room was just a student, a school student, and a child grown up under the care and protection of their parents and teachers. They could be frivolous or be in their teenage rebellious phase, some of them thought highly of themselves too, but fact was, they were still inexperienced in life.

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Once they saw Si Yi pulling out a gun and holding Zhuzhu at gunpoint, they shrieked in fear.

"Ah! Ah! A gun!" The girls erupted in screams, shrill cries making waves.

The boys tried to hold their composure but all of them paled immediately, visibly that no one was really calm.

In spite of these teenagers, the pistol Si Yi held was pointing to Zhuzhu.

Zhuzhu was just musing if Si Yi liked her as he stopped Yun Jian’s questioning, but he pulled out a pistol and directed it at her in the next second.

Even when Zhuzhu was sly, she was just a schoolgirl. When she saw a real gun c.o.c.ked at her head between Si Yi’s fair and long fingers, her legs gave up and she fell to the floor, unconsciously raising her arms in a surrender position.

"Don’t kill me! Don’t kill me! I – I, I... I’ll tell you anything you want to know. I’ll tell – tell you everything..." Zhuzhu was paralyzed in fear. As if afraid that Si Yi would really pull the trigger, she frantically picked herself up from the sitting position to kneel down in front of Yun Jian and Si Yi.

"Didn’t you want to know where Yun Yi’s gone to? I’ll – I’ll tell you! Don’t kill me..." Zhuzhu was petrified, staring at Si Yi’s gun in terror and blurting everything she knew.

"It’s Chen Yubing! It’s all Chen Yubing! She made me invite everyone to this gathering and make Yun Yi drink that c.o.c.ktail. It’s mixed with an aphrodisiac. The effect is extremely potent when it’s drunk! Then I was to find an excuse to have Zhao Yishan take Yun Yi away... Sob, I don’t know about anything else..." Zhuzhu was genuinely fearful, so terrified that she came clean.

Once she did, all her peers widened their eyes in shock.

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They did not know that this happened right under their nose! They did not expect that this was the purpose of Zhao Yishan suggesting to send Yun Yi home and they could not have guessed that Chen Yubing was so devious like that!

"Where’s he?" Yun Jian asked while Zhuzhu was still panicking.

"Zhao Yishan’s sent him to the hotel." Held at gunpoint, there was nothing Zhuzhu dared to hide.

"Which hotel?" Yun Jian pursued.

"The one opposite this road," Zhuzhu replied quickly.

Uninterested in these people, Yun Jian left at once when she got the answer.

Zhuzhu took another glance at Si Yi’s impeccable face when she saw Yun Jian leave but she had to reel in her gaze from how scared she was.

"I’ve told you everything I know. Can... can you let me go? Please, I beg you, I won’t do it again!" Zhuzhu was almost kowtowing to Si Yi.

"Do you think you still deserve to stay alive?" Si Yi scoffed as he raised a good looking brow.

How could someone who tricked his brother-in-law think of getting out of it alive?

Just when everyone thought that Si Yi’s words were only a threat, a bang sounded. A bullet shot out from Si Yi’s pistol toward Zhuzhu.

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