The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 306 - The Girl’s Identity, A Poison Master

Chapter 306 - The Girl’s Identity, A Poison Master

"So Brother Yun Yi went to Room 6011 after escaping from that room." Si Yi found Yun Yi’s whereabouts through the computer in mere seconds and went to Yun Jian.

"Your brother?" Yun Jian relaxed once she knew that her brother was fine and simultaneously catching Si Yi calling Yun Yi brother.

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That was her elder brother. Since when did her brother become his brother?

Si Yi felt the corners of his mouth tugging up. With a smile, he said with crinkling eyes, "Your brother agreed to it." It was actually just him accidentally exposing what he had in mind.

Her brother was going to become his brother sooner or later!

"Oh." Yun Jian eyed Si Yi before making their way out together.

Yun Yi was currently on the sixth floor. When he broke free from Zhao Yishan and ran out from the room to Room 6011, it was actually around the corridor and some distance away.

By the time Yun Jian and Si Yi came to the sixth floor, they saw Zhao Yishan standing in front of Room 6011 trying to break the door down.

Yun Yi was drugged and was stripped of his strength. It was lucky that he entered another room and locked it before Zhao Yishan caught up with him.

Zhao Yishan who was one step late was anxiously standing outside the room, trying to figure out how to get the door opened.

Yun Jian went up to him directly. She did not let Si Yi handle the matter for her this time. She came up to Zhao Yishan and gripped his collar, easily hauling the boy who was taller over to herself.

"How dare you harm my brother!" Yun Jian spat through gritted teeth looking at Zhao Yishan.

"I... I..." Zhao Yishan had seen Yun Jian before. Recognizing her at once, he was at a loss for words.

With a sneer, Yun Jian suddenly let her grip loose. At the same time, she raised her leg and kicked Zhao Yishan’s stomach. It sounded in a bam, as the boy’s lanky form flew from the force and dropped to the floor with a thud. He quivered a little and fainted from the blow.

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Ignoring him, Yun Jian came to Room 6011 and got a small blade with a flick of the wrist. She maneuvered it agilely, twirling it against the lock.

Briefly, the door opened with a clack.

Lock picking was fundamental in Yun Jian’s array of skills. When she went on missions in her past life, sneaking into places or stealing treasures, she unlocked the door soundlessly and slipped out unscathed each time.

Once the door opened, Yun Jian entered with Si Yi following her.

They easily saw the two people sleeping together on the bed when they were inside. To be precise, Yun Yi was the only one with his eyes closed and less than conscious.

The floor was littered with clothes strewn haphazardly. It was a sight that one could hardly not think of less o.b.s.c.e.n.e reasons.

Yun Jian felt her eyes twitching at the view when she saw her brother lying on the bed with a girl about her age and a blanket covering both of them.

The girl’s adorable face was easy on one’s eyes. She looked darling and enchantingly guileless but there was an allure that captivating. Contrasting to Yun Jian’s fresh youth, the girl’s doll-like innocence had an inexplicable sense of grace.

In spite of it, Yun Jian was not shocked that this girl was lying on the bed with her brother Yun Yi. Compared to their tangled n.a.k.e.d forms, what surprised Yun Jian further was the girl’s identity.

She was someone Yun Jian was familiar with!

She was a Gu Sha Mercenaries’ high-ranking member! She was called Lady Venom and was Snake.Lizard’s disciple in Gu Sha. Yet, her mastering of poisons far passed Snake.Lizard’s!

Hence, Yun Jian would often go on missions with her in her previous life. Other than Snake.Lizard and Tiger.Leopard, Lady Venom was Yun Jian’s most frequent partner!

The girl was not highly placed in Gu Sha’s ranking. However, her expertise was clear from her pseudonym, Lady Venom. She was literally a lady of venom, a poison master!

Put that aside, she knew nothing else.

She was not even as skilled as a mediocre assassin. The sole reason she could become a highly regarded member in Gu Sha was because she was an expert in administering poisons.

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