The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 307 - Name, Qing You; Action, None

Chapter 307 - Name, Qing You; Action, None

Lady Venom’s position in Gu Sha Mercenaries was different from Civet. Civet, who came to send Yun Jian her favorite car, the LaFerrari, was unlike Lady Venom.

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Civet was Snake.Lizard’s subordinate while Lady Venom was Snake.Lizard’s disciple.

Both of them looked cute and petite, but Lady Venom was about ten years younger than Civet. More crucially, Lady Venom was really weak in her battling abilities. The main factor that Snake.Lizard took notice of her and took her in as her disciple, was all for her poisoning capabilities.

Even Yun Jian was once amazed by Lady Venom’s poison administration.

Therefore, Lady Venom was Yun Jian’s capable assistant aside from Snake.Lizard and Tiger.Leopard. Her standard of a poison master was a significant help to Yun Jian.

As opposed to the mature-sounding pseudonym, Lady Venom actually had a nice name, Qing You.

As Yun Jian stared at Qing You, the latter noticed her as well.

Qing You had come here to find Yun Jian as per Snake.Lizard’s instruction, so she was here in Longmen City to find her Gu Sha boss. Before she came, Snake.Lizard had tried her best to describe Yun Jian’s recent state and showed her Yun Jian’s photo in advance.

Their Gu Sha boss had turned into someone else!

Snake.Lizard did not disclose this fact to anyone else except Qing You.

Qing You came for Yun Jian in Longmen City because she had been staying by the latter’s side as her assistant in her past life, albeit her identity was Snake.Lizard’s disciple. It was also because Qing You was so close to Yun Jian in her previous life that Snake.Lizard did not keep Yun Jian rebirthing as someone else from her.

It was just that Qing You did not expect herself to still keep up her careless habit that she forgot to shut her door when she showered! Never in her wildest dream would she expect a guy to barge in on her too! A drugged guy, at that!

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Nonetheless, nothing happened between Qing You and Yun Yi after that.

The reason they were in bed was because she was remedying the aphrodisiac in Yun Yi.

The drug was a tricky one to cure. Yun Yi who was drugged was absolutely doomed. However, it was a different case with Qing You who was a poison master. She could administer poisons and remedy them!

This was why Yun Jian had kept her around.

It was just that Qing You also did not expect Yun Jian to barge in when she was cooling down Yun Yi with her own body as she cured him.

Obviously, Yun Jian was also her Gu Sha boss.

"Slay – uh, I – we didn’t do anything!" Qing You’s eyes bulged at Yun Jian and nearly shouted Slaying God from her panic.

Actually, Qing You was not any different from usual girls other than being a poison master.

Yun Jian narrowed her eyes, naturally knowing that Qing You knew her identity. It must be Snake.Lizard’s instruction for her to be here in Longmen City anyway.

In fact, Qing You was a key person in Yun Jian’s annihilation of Gu Sha Mercenaries in her past life. Aside from Snake.Lizard and Tiger.Leopard’s impressive brute force, Qing You’s administered poison which were both colorless and scentless.

Snake.Lizard was also a poison master, one of the best, but she still paled in comparison to Qing You.

"Mm..." A low hum came from Yun Yi and he flipped himself around, recovering his awareness and waking up.

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