The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 31 - Joining The Basketball Team. Yun Jian Is Tailed

Chapter 31 - Joining The Basketball Team. Yun Jian Is Tailed

It was not just Li Xiangyi, Wu Kui, and their friends, even Lu Feiyan’s eyes as wide as saucers. She stared at Yun Jian in an earth-shattering shock.

Wu Kui who spoke brashly just before felt like he was slapped hard on the face; despite being the one considering the betterment of the team.

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Having just witnessed this scene, no one could speak a word. There was no doubt that an ordinary person could shoot a basket from thirty to forty meters away.

"Sorry, my tone was too harsh just now." Wu Kui was cooperative as he apologized to Yun Jian with an embarrassed chortle.

He then sincerely continued. "I’ll formally introduce myself. I’m the school basketball team’s vice captain, Wu Kui. The captain isn’t around but I can represent the team in inviting you to join us. Would you honor us the p.l.e.a.s.u.r.e?"

Wu Kui’s attitude took a full turn at once.

Everyone saw Yun Jian’s performance just now. The members who had vehemently opposed Li Xiangyi’s invitation to Yun Jian had a change of mind now.

Yun Jian met his gaze and beamed. "Sure, I’ll join."

She had missed living like an ordinary person in her previous life; now that she was reborn into school life, she wanted to savor the experience.

The basketball team members were relieved when Yun Jian agreed to be a part of the team.

They did not expect the girl who Li Xiangyi knew was so capable.

Coming up to this a greeting, the worrisome issue of being unable to participate in the basketball competition as they were short one player was now solved.

Wu Kui’s impression of Yun Jian switched as well. He spoke to the girl so rudely just now but she had been easygoing instead of purposely making the situation hard for him.

Such a girl was different from the rest.

"Welcome!" Wu Kui expressed his sincere p.l.e.a.s.u.r.e on behalf of the basketball team.

"Mm." Yun Jian smiled with her eyes turning into crescents.

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Yun Jian did not expect to have joined a basketball team in a mere period of PE.

Lu Feiyan looked more delighted than Yun Jian, chattering on and on beside her for the whole day with excitement that was hard to contain.

"Xiao Jian, you’re awesome! You’ll be representing our school for a basketball tournament! If the match is on a holiday, I’ll surely be there to cheer you on!"

Lu Feiyan had repeated similar lines to Yun Jian for the entire afternoon. While the latter thought it was noisy and annoying, she was also glad.

She had friends now. She was no longer the organization’s killing machine.

It was just a pity that her younger brother was not ever coming back when she got to live a peaceful life like this.

By 8pm, the evening self-study session ended and school was dismissed on time.

Yun Jian picked up her schoolbag and took the opposite direction from where Lu Feiyan was headed.

She was going to Qin Yirou who was in the hospital, located opposite from where Lu Feiyan and her house were.

After bidding goodbye with Lu Feiyan, Yun Jian walked in the dark alley alone.

The alley was the shortest route to the hospital but it was also the darkest. Usually, no one dared to walk the alleyway alone.

Yun Jian’s steady steps were quite lighthearted, however.

When she came to the intersection of the alley, Yun Jian stopped out of the blue and leaned her back against the wall of a hut. She chuckled towards the darker end of where she came from. "Come on out. How long do you plan to follow me?"

Someone was tailing after her and that someone’s skill was honestly rather lousy.

At the very least, she had realized it from the start.

This level of stalking was basically telling Yun Jian out loud that "I’m following you. Catch me quickly."

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