The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 310 - Give Her More. Bye, Chen Yubing

Chapter 310 - Give Her More. Bye, Chen Yubing

In the end, Yun Jian had Si Yi drive Yun Yi home while Qing You stayed with her.

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Si Yi listened to Yun Jian reverently. Once he was told by Yun Jian to bring his future brother-in-law home first, he quickly pulled said person away.

"Slaying, he’s your elder brother?" Qing You peered up at Yun Jian and asked bashfully.

"Mm." Yun Jian grinned and patted her shoulder before speaking easily, "C’mon, it’s been so long since we met. Both of us got to do something big!"

Everyone knew that Slaying God had a love for money. Look, it had only been months since she was reborn and came to Longmen City but she had already set up New Cruise, returning double the capital funding she invested!

In her past life, each of Yun Jian’s missions had never cost less than one hundred million US dollars, and she had been diligent in taking up one mission after another. When she was busier, she would even bring Qing You along for convenience.

Qing You would put a bunch of people down by poisoning them while Yun Jian killed whoever she should and stole whatever she needed. There were plenty of projects that both of them had accomplished in collaboration.

"Heh!" Qing You giggled when she heard that they were going to do something nice and pranced behind Yun Jian.


Back to Chen Yubing who was certain that she had Yun Yi right where she wanted him to be this time. To ensure her ploy was successfully carried out, she drugged herself as well.

She came to the hotel after Yun Jian and Si Yi did. There was no hurry for her as Yun Yi was a prey caught in the bag. Chen Yubing wanted to take her time. In addition, she went home to retrieve the only color camera her family owned to make sure her plan was foolproof.

In spite of it, when Chen Yubing happily got to the sixth floor of the hotel after getting a camera and drugging herself, she was knocked unconscious right when she entered the room she booked.

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When she woke up again, she was already tied up by Yun Jian.

What was going on?

As if noticing the danger she was in, Chen Yubing looked at Yun Jian in fright and asked, "You... Why are you here..."

Yun Jian snorted at the question. She stared at the girl icily, her gaze hostile. "What do you think?"

"What – what do you want to do to me?" Chen Yubing shrieked, raising her voice in alarm.

At the same time, she felt the aphrodisiac that she took beginning to work.

"She drugged herself too," Qing You who had been watching from the side informed Yun Jian.

She was a poison master and had thoroughly studied each type of drug and medicine, thus she was able to see that Chen Yubing had drugged herself as well at a glance.

Yun Jian did not expect Chen Yubing to actually drug herself with aphrodisiacs too. With a repulsed glare, she turned to Qing You and smirked. "Since she likes it so much, you should give her more."

"What – what are you guys going to do to me!" Chen Yubing screeched at Yun Jian’s words, looking at the latter in fear.

"I’ll generously allow you to experience what you wanted to do to my brother earlier," Yun Jian scoffed.

She dared not imagine the aftermath that Yun Yi would be in if Chen Yubing did succeed in her ploy.

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