The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 311 - Super Heady. Destroying Chen Yubing

Chapter 311 - Super Heady. Destroying Chen Yubing

"Sister Jian, I’ve recently produced a super heady aphrodisiac and have been worried that I have no one to experiment it on," Qing You told Yun Jian with a pout on her cute face that was showing hints of an evil smirk.

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Qing You usually called Yun Jian ’Slaying’ in her past life but now that the circ.u.mstances and their identities were different, in addition that Yun Jian was not going by Slaying God now, Qing You called her ’Sister Jian’ instead.

"Let her have some then throw her to the streets." Yun Jian reeled in her disgust and stood up to declare.

"No, you can’t do this to me, you can’t! I won’t let you go for doing this to me!" Chen Yubing shrieked again in terror when she heard what Yun Jian planned to do to her.

"I’ll be waiting." Yun Jian chuckled and scowled at Chen Yubing, saying, "Do you think I’ll give you the chance to retaliate? Chen Yubing, you should’ve expected this day when you thought of laying a finger on my brother!"

"Sister Jian, the injection is ready," Qing You informed Yun Jian as she walked over holding a syringe.

"Mm." Yun Jian nodded, ignoring Chen Yubing whose shouts were later tinged with sobs and pleas.

Sweet-looking Qing You, despite her childlike charm, seemed to be born with her poison concocting and administering skills. With a precise stab, the prepared aphrodisiac was injected mercilessly into Chen Yubing through the syringe.

The girl’s eyes rolled back as she fell unconscious.


There was currently a titillating stripping show going on in the street.

With a gaping mouth, Chen Yubing was blindly feeling her skin and stripping her garments one after another on a busy street.

She was not an ugly girl, quite fair in her complexion too. She was sprawled on the bustling street, yanking on her clothes incessantly while murmuring, "It’s so hot, I feel so hot..."

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The people who crowded around her to watch grew in number as Chen Yubing pulled at her clothes with more fervor. In the end, she stripped her u.n.d.e.r.g.a.r.m.e.n.ts off too.

As the kids from Yun Yi’s school left the karaoke and saw the teeming crowd on the street, they went over to have a look out of curiosity as well. Once they did, however, they were shocked to the core!

It was Chen Yubing and she was stripping in front of everyone in public! Without leaving anything to one’s imagination!

"Chen... It’s Chen Yubing!" One of the schoolmates shouted in panic pointing at said girl who was on the ground.


Not too far away from the street, Yun Jian stood with her tall and lean build wrapped up under a fluffy down jacket. The garment could barely conceal her slim figure and with the high shiny ponytail hanging off her back, she looked exuberant.

Chen Yubing was completely destroyed now. She would have to take the flak and slamming from now on because of what she did today.

This was the consequence of someone who dared lay a finger on her brother!

"Sister Jian, that’s all? You’re not killing her?" Qing You who stood beside Yun Jian blinked, asking in surprise.

It was not just Chen Yubing, a woman who devised a plot against Yun Jian’s brother, Yun Jian would kill even those who made impertinent remarks in her past life.

According to her usual ways, it was a miracle that she did not dismember and maim Chen Yubing.

That was why Qing You was astonished. She had a baby face and was not the best in fighting, but she was accustomed to the battles and murders from following Yun Jian around.

"Mm, let’s go," Yun Jian spoke up after a long time, leaving with Qing You without another glance at Chen Yubing.

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