The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 312 - To Qingshan City, A Family Of Three

Chapter 312 - To Qingshan City, A Family Of Three

Yun Yi had certainly learned a lesson from the incident and would keep his guard up in the future, but it was not like someone would expect Chen Yubing to resort to something like that.

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Nonetheless, the girl reaped what she sowed.

The alarming news broke out in Yun Yi’s school the next day. The whole school knew about how she went to a gathering with the others yesterday but somehow ended up stripping on the street until in the end she was totally n.a.k.e.d.

Some said that she was an exhibitionist while some called her a whore who could not survive without a man.

Chen Yubing was done for. Not that it mattered, because she transferred schools the next day and no one knew where she went to.

At the same time, Yun Jian had admitted Qing You to school by leveraging New Cruise’ reputation.

Qing You’s age was similar to Yun Jian, so she was assigned to the latter’s class and became her classmate.

Longmen Yi Junior High School was not somewhere anyone could simply be enrolled, especially when Qing You was coming in during the school year. It made it harder for her to be registered. In spite of it, Yun Jian’s New Cruise was already established in Longmen City. She only needed Zhang Zhifan to meet Longmen Yi Junior High’s principal and Qing You’s admittance into the school was a breeze.

After Qing You became Yun Jian’s classmate, it surprised the latter that Qing You and Chen Xinyi hit it off immediately and became good friends. They became close soon after they met and tested Yun Jian’s patience as they chattered endlessly beside her.

Everything seemed to be settling down now...

When the weekend came, Qing You and Chen Xinyi had made plans to shop in the neighboring city early in the morning.

Despite Longmen City being convenient for transportation and overseas trading, the reason they went to the bordering city was because Qingshan City, which was the nearest neighboring city to Longmen City, had a place called the Global Trade Hub that was an internationally renowned shopping square.

Anyone who came to Zhe Province would know to visit the Global Trade Hub.

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Not only did the location have the most foreign trade going on in Country Z, everything local and abroad, as long as it existed, could be bought here!

This applied to clothes shopping for the ladies. The Global Trade Hub was no doubt their best destination because all fashion styles worldwide were available here.

Since Yun Jian’s rebirth to Longmen City in the Zhe Province, she had never come to Qingshan City’s Global Trade Hub despite it being the closest to Longmen City.

As she did not have to train in the military training camp this week and the winter was already here, she wanted to get Yun Zhu some warm clothing, thus she went with Qing You and Chen Xinyi, all of them taking the bus headed to Qingshan City whilst bringing Yun Zhu along to pick out some winter clothes in the Global Trade Hub.

When Si Yi heard that Yun Jian was taking Yun Zhu to Qingshan City, he followed them without another word.

All five of them opted to take the public bus to Qingshan City, but no one expected the bus to be teeming with people. It was packed. Forget about sitting, even standing in the bus was utterly crowded.

Qing You who was sandwiched to immobility in the bus grumbled to Yun Jian, "Oh my, Sister Jian, I’ve never taken such a crammed bus all my life!"

Yun Jian had her hands full with one hand holding onto the grab handle of the bus and another holding Yun Zhu close to her.

This was Si Yi’s first time on a bus, one that was so packed at that too, but he kept an arm out to guard Yun Jian and stood behind both her and Yun Zhu to watch out for them.

They painted a picture of newlyweds taking their child out for the day.

Beside them, a woman in her forties was unable to hold herself and gave up her seat, telling Yun Jian, "Young lady, have my seat. It’s not easy for a young girl like you to be bringing up a child!"

It was obvious that this woman had taken Yun Jian, Si Yi, and little Yun Zhu as a family of three.

Pink instantly painted Yun Jian’s cheeks when she heard the woman.

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