The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 314 - Know Your Limit, Leave An Impression

Chapter 314 - Know Your Limit, Leave An Impression

Yun Jian did not answer.

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In spite of it, Shen Yan was not let down.

When he first saw Yun Jian at Weiwu Mountain, he thought that a cupid had shot him with an arrow. Yun Jian’s slim figure and her delicate face left a deep impression in both Shen Yan’s mind and heart. It felt like a seed that suddenly budded from meeting the sun.

Shen Yan had a few girlfriends but he quickly realized that he had fallen in love with Yun Jian at first sight!

It never occurred to him that he would bump into her here when they parted that day. It made Shen Yan feel that both of them must be fated to meet each other, so he decided that he was definitely going to pursue her.

With his arm stretched out without a warning to grab Yun Jian’s hand, Shen Yan continued talking, "It’s fate that we’re meeting again despite the distance and I’m not a bad guy. Bumping into each other this time only means that we’re fated. Come on, I’ll take you around..."

Before his hand could reach Yun Jian, the latter was pulled into Si Yi’s embrace.

Si Yi’s brows were pinched together. If looks could kill, Shen Yan would have died over and over again.

"Don’t touch my woman!" Si Yi declared his authority at once.

When Yun Jian was pulled into Si Yi’s embrace, she felt enveloped by a warm c.h.e.s.t while she was still holding onto the confused Yun Zhu.

"What? Your... your woman?" Shen Yan who did not notice Si Yi at first now realized his presence even if he was blind.

Si Yi was about half a head taller than Shen Yan. To meet eyes with Si Yi, he had to raise his head.

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When he heard Si Yi calling Yun Jian his woman, he blinked, disappointment washing over his face instantly.

"Jiejie, what does Si Yi-gege mean by calling you his woman? Does that mean you can accompany him forever? Then Xiao Zhu wants you to become my woman too, okay?" Yun Zhu said rubbing his head, as if having contemplated for a long time after listening to them.

"Cough!" Yun Jian was nearly choked from Yun Zhu’s naïve words.

She broke free from Si Yi’s hold and bent down to pat Yun Zhu’s head before standing up again to swat at Si Yi’s hand. "Don’t be spewing nonsense!"

Her action injected a gush of warmth in Si Yi’s heart and he wore a small smile, extending his arm to grab Yun Jian’s delicate hand and intertwined their fingers.

Shen Yan who saw Si Yi holding Yun Jian’s hand looked rather awkward, but once he remembered Yun Jian asking Si Yi not to spew nonsense just now, he recovered from his disappointment.

From how things looked like, this guy’s love must be single-sided. Yun Jian did not like him. This must be it!

Shen Yan thought to himself. Although the guy was handsome with impeccable features and he was not his opponent in this aspect, what about their abilities?

Could this dude compare to him who was a vice president in their campus’ Taekwondo club and had won numerous champions in various big and small martial arts competitions?

So what if he looks good? He’s just looks! He was not as manly as Shen Yan was!

As the consideration passed his mind, Shen Yan began barking at Si Yi, "Don’t you realize that she doesn’t like you? You should have some sense of self-awareness! As a man, don’t simply lay your fingers on a girl like this..."

As Shen Yan complained, he wanted to slap Si Yi’s hand that was holding Yun Jian’s. To the young man, Si Yi was just a pretty vase. Were good looks all that mighty now?

A plan hatched in Shen Yan’s mind. He wanted to throw Si Yi to the floor when he grabbed him, show off his Taekwondo skills, and put his manly side on display for Yun Jian, leaving her an impression...

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