The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 315 - Dislocating His Elbow. His Rage

Chapter 315 - Dislocating His Elbow. His Rage

Shen Yan put his thoughts into action.

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With his arm stretched to slap Si Yi’s hand away from Yun Jian and taking advantage of the situation to throw Si Yi to the floor in his Taekwondo moves, Yun Jian must think he was exceptionally manly as he presented himself coolly!

Pleased about his plan, Shen Yan was about to grab Si Yi and throw him down in public. When immediately a fair and long arm with a black watch clasped on the wrist grasped Shen Yan’s elbow faster than he moved, as if knowing what he was about to do next.

As Si Yi’s hand caught Shen Yan’s elbow abruptly without moving the hand that was holding Yun Jian’s, he twisted the young man’s elbow as soon as he touched him.

Crack – crack...

The sounds of bones cracking were heard and Shen Yan’s pained howls erupted in the next second.


All the bones below Shen Yan’s elbow were dislocated by Si Yi.

The piercing pain spread in shoots as Shen Yan wailed and howled, attracting the passersby’s attention.

Other than the bursts of pain around his elbow, Shen Yan was also tremendously shocked. He had thought that Si Yi was just looks, an empty vessel with a pretty face, but his speed when he struck just now could not be caught by one’s eyes.

Was that the speed of a human?!

Shen Yan swore that even the international Taekwondo coach whom he had the honor to meet was not as swift as Si Yi!

This was the first time Shen Yan felt a pain so insufferable.

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Si Yi had retracted his arm then. His hand kept his hold on Yun Jian while his other hand that had touched Shen Yan pulled out a tissue from his pocket. Wiping his palm that made contact with Shen Yan, he then tossed it in the air.

With an airy float, the tissue danced around in the air for a bit before it landed in a cylinder trash can more than ten meters away from them perfectly.

Those who noticed it had their mouths agape staring wide-eyed at the 1.85 meter tall gorgeous young man with short black hair and matching all-black outfit, who stood in the center holding a girl’s hand while staring at Shen Yan whose elbow was dislocated. A single word rolled off his tongue gracefully yet dominatingly.


Some people were born with the air of a king and Si Yi undoubtedly belonged to those people, crème of the crème at that too.

Said man was currently in rage. How could trash like this think of laying a finger on his woman?

Yun Jian had her lips pressed together as she covered Yun Zhu’s eyes to hide the sight from him.

She personally did not quite like Shen Yan, so she had been planning to ignore him. Especially when Shen Yan came up with his little trick just now thinking that she and Si Yi would not know – how could they not see through him?

"Let’s go," she turned to tell Si Yi.

Si Yi’s face remained in a glover as he tugged Yun Jian’s hand along to leave the place. He led them to a quiet corner, Yun Zhu standing in front of Yun Jian.

Si Yi pressed himself over as he came down at Yun Jian, caging her between himself and the wall.

With burning fury, he declared, "You can only be mine!"

Right after that, he swooped down to kiss the girl.

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