The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 316 - I’m Going To Ruin You

Chapter 316 - I’m Going To Ruin You

Yun Jian’s heart thumped as she felt the butterflies.

She did not understand why Si Yi was enraged all of a sudden, but she placed her palm over Yun Zhu’s eyes with her other hand finding purchase on Si Yi’s head, returning his kisses for the first time.

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She had to admit that she had feelings for Si Yi.

The wild throb of her heart told her that she felt differently for him compared to others.

Both of them kissed until they needed air before Si Yi released Yun Jian.

All this while, little Yun Zhu’s eyes were covered but he felt the strange atmosphere as well. Blinking his large innocent eyes up at Yun Jian, he asked, "Jiejie, why were you covering Xiao Zhu’s eyes? Are you and Si Yi-gege playing hide and seek with me?"

Ah, the intriguing innocence and naivety of the children...

Yun Jian rubbed Yun Zhu’s head and turned to glare at Si Yi without a bite.

"Come one, let’s go buy you new clothes." Yun Jian led Yun Zhu away.

With his hands in his pants pockets, Si Yi raised his brow looking at the girl who went away first before following suit.

When Yun Jian was done picking out some new winter clothing for little Yun Zhu, Qing You and Chen Xinyi were already waiting for the three of them at their agreed spot with bags of their hauls.

All of them had lunch around the building before they returned home after shopping for the whole morning now.

The public transportation from Qingshan City back to Longmen City was not as packed as their morning departure. It was probably because Qingshan City’s transportation and trade stood out more as it was Zhe Province’s capital with its economy bustling in Country Z. That was why the stream of incoming visitors to Qingshan City was more.

The bus back to Longmen City could fit all its passengers even if one person hogged two seats.

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After what happened previously, Yun Jian was slowly bearing Si Yi in her heart now. She was growing to understand her feelings, that what she felt for Si Yi was different from the familial love she felt for Qin Yirou and her brother, Yun Yi.

As it was the night of the weekend, Yun Jian grabbed her backpack to go to school as usual. Before she could leave the house, however, her path was blocked by a tall build.

Si Yi had his hands in his pants pockets with one leg bent as he leaned against the wall, waiting for her intentionally.

"I’m leaving for a while. If Gu Sha Mercenaries needs my help, you can contact me anytime through Snow Eagle." Si Yi went over to pat Yun Jian’s head when he saw her walking over. His eyes bored straight into hers when he spoke, the fondness overflowing from his tone.

"Mm. Be careful," Yun Jian could not help reminding.

The corners of Si Yi’s lips lifted, his grin bright and handsome.

She was concerned about him.


With her backpack hanging on her shoulders, Yun Jian came to a relatively isolated alley after making a turn at the junction leaving her house.

Her eyes wandered suddenly and before long, about a dozen people darted out to surround her.

These people were dressed in all black, connecting one’s thoughts to a gang.

A woman who was dressed sultrily came from behind Yun Jian dr.a.p.ed over a big fat man.

Yun Jian blinked, taking a clear look at the woman.

It was Chen Yubing who failed to trap her brother previously. Oh, how she had changed now... Caked up with powder and rouge, she pressed herself on the man in his forties who was old enough to be her father.

Chen Yubing grimaced once she saw Yun Jian, glaring daggers at her. "Yun Jian! It’s all because of you! Look what you made me into! I’m going to ruin you! Even if I die, I’m going to drag you down with me!"

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