The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 318 - Shooting Herself In The Foot

Chapter 318 - Shooting Herself In The Foot

The proper-looking man was the subordinate of Longmen City’s mafia boss, Xu Zetian. He was also Dragon Head Gang’s high-ranking member. His name was Sun Zhengwei.

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Yun Jian knew who he was. When she fought the knockout match for Xu Zetian much earlier, she had come across several high-ranking members of the gang. Since she won the match, those men under Xu Zetian were increasingly reverent toward her.

"Mm." Yun Jian gave a light nod in agreement to Sun Zhengwei.

Xu Zetian wanted to see her... Since she returned from the knockout match, he had not contacted her. Nonetheless, he was the father of her brother’s best friend and he was a member of Gu Sha Mercenaries. Although his position there was low, Yun Jian was not someone arrogant.

"Miss Yun, please come this way!" Sun Zhengwei made a standard invitation gesture, planning to let Yun Jian walk before him.

Right as Yun Jian took a step, Chen Yubing’s resentful voice rang again. "Hold on! Yun Jian, don’t think that you can leave so easily!"

Chen Yubing was a little afraid of Sun Zhengwei and his men who were armed with guns but she also thought that Xiong Erhu was indomitable in Longmen City after hearing so much of his boasts when they slept together.

Furthermore, Xiong Erhu patted his c.h.e.s.t declaring that he would definitely make Yun Jian pay for what she had done to Chen Yubing before they came.

Now that Chen Yubing saw how Yun Jian was leaving, it was impossible for her to sit around idly. She shouted furiously on the spot.

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"Yun Jian, do you think you can get away because you found help? Hah, Brother Xiong will help me ruin you!" Chen Yubing was dr.a.p.ed on Xiong Erhu, her ample bosoms attached to the man’s c.h.e.s.t.

The sight of a teenage girl being together with a man who was old enough to become her father was honestly not a good view to stomach.

"Right, Brother Xiong?" As if wanting assurance from Xiong Erhu, Chen Yubing clung herself tighter to the man.

To the girl, she had sacrificed her body as a deal with Xiong Erhu in order to get even with Yun Jian who caused her to lose her reputation and dignity. She refused to believe that she could not yet ruin the latter now!

"Hah," Yun Jian could not help scoffing with a light smirk when she heard Chen Yubing’s confidence and saw how convinced she was nestled next to the man.

"What are you snorting at? Brother Xiong, look at her, you have to help me! You said that you’d help me!" Brother Xiong had agreed to help her when they were in bed. He would help her get rid of Yun Jian whom she loathed the most, thus Chen Yubing had pleased the man to her best ability in recent days.

Otherwise, a young charming girl like Chen Yubing would never willingly face a man as old as her father – she was not an idiot!

"Xiong Erhu, Miss Yun is Dragon Head Gang’s guest of honor, someone our boss is deferential to as well! He’s said that anyone who dares lay a finger on Miss Yun in Longmen City is going right against our gang!" Obviously knowing who Xiong Erhu was, Sun Zhengwei’s tone when he spoke to him was laced with threat.

Anyone and everyone knew that Dragon Head Gang was Longmen City’s top mafia group and Nine Valleys Gang was and could only be behind them on position. How could Xiong Erhu dare hit back at Dragon Head Gang when the boss of Nine Valleys Gang did not even dare to?

"F*cking bitch, shut the hell up, you cheap sl*t!" Xiong Erhu was experienced and sly. Seeing that the situation was no longer to his advantage, he landed a slap on Chen Yubing immediately as he broke out in curses.

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