The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 32 - The Sound Of A Silencer Pistol

Chapter 32 - The Sound Of A Silencer Pistol

The few people in hiding panicked, not expecting Yun Jian to have been found so effortlessly.

They came out at once since hiding was now meaningless.

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Yun Jian spotted Mu Xiang who still looked tall among the group of crooks.

So it was her! - Yun Jian squinted.

"Hmph! Yun Jian, you didn’t expect it was me, huh? How dare you talk about me like that this morning. If I don’t teach you a lesson today, I’ll remove my family name Mu!" Mu Xiang’s hands were on her h.i.p.s; the more she looked at Yun Jian’s pretty face, the more jealous she grew.

Turning her head, Mu Xiang spoke to the man beside her who was in his thirties. She was close to pressing herself on the man. "Brother Hu, it’s her. She bullied me in the morning. You must take revenge for your Baby Xiang."

Goosebumps racked through Yun Jian when she heard Mu Xiang calling herself "Baby Xiang". Crossing her arms in front of her c.h.e.s.t, she would like to see what the crooks planned to do to her.

The man who was addressed as Brother Hu wrapped his arm around Mu Xiang, his plump hand slapping the girl’s b.u.t.t.o.c.k.s twice, as he grinned maliciously. "We’ll listen to you, okay? We’ll do what you want today!"

With Brother Hu’s promise, Mu Xiang looked at Yun Jian even more smugly raising her chin.

Brother Hu was from Xinjiang Town’s black market and was an influential big gun in the town. He was one of the members of the Longmen Gang in Longmen City’s black market too!

After involving herself with Brother Hu, Mu Xiang felt that her vibe was now completely different from her past self.

"Really?" Mu Xiang’s rhetorical question was sweet and silky in tone. After that, her gaze at Yun Jian switched as she spoke brutally, "Then I want to destroy her innocence. She’s been as stuck-up as usual, seducing the boys in our school every day with her looks. Brother Hu, let your bros take turns with her. I’d love to see how vain she can still be in the future!"

Mu Xiang was more ruthless than Lin Mengyu. The corner of Yun Jian’s lips tugged upward icily.

If she were an ordinary girl today, Mu Xiang’s ulterior motive would have succeeded.

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Ruining her innocence. – If an ordinary junior high schoolgirl’s innocence were ruined, she would probably live her entire life in trauma in addition to facing discrimination from people around her. Her whole life would basically be doomed.

It was too bad that Yun Jian was no average girl.

Mu Xiang’s little plan would have to go down the drain.

"Heh heh, it’s a good idea." Brother Hu chuckled and pushed Mu Xiang aside to make his way toward Yun Jian. "Then let me be the first!"

How could he let his lackeys go first when he had an advantage like this? Furthermore, the girl was much prettier than Mu Xiang. Maybe she was still a v.i.r.g.i.n!

Being pushed away without a care, Mu Xiang’s hatred for Yun Jian escalated. Nonetheless, once she thought about how wretched Yun Jian would be later, joy bubbled within her.

Yun Jian’s gaze turned colder as she watched Brother Hu’s plump self approach her. As she planned to beat the thugs down, her sharp senses suddenly caught an oddity.

A soft "tss" was heard.

It was immensely soft. If she had not been a secret agent, a sound like this would go unnoticed by normal people.

In spite of it, this was a sound Yun Jian was very familiar with. – It was the sound of a pistol silencer!

There were other people around them!

Yun Jian abruptly sprinted to the left of the alley’s intersection where the sound of the silencer pistol came from.

Brother Hu and the gang were going to encircle Yun Jian when the girl ran, causing them to think that Yun Jian was escaping.

"She’s running away. Chase after her! Quick!" Mu Xiang shouted, pointing at the direction Yun Jian had run.

The gang foolishly obeyed and pursued Yun Jian.

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