The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 320 - The Whole Gang, Will You Hand It Over?

Chapter 320 - The Whole Gang, Will You Hand It Over?

The higher-ups of Dragon Head Gang were currently having a meeting in the room.

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When Yun Jian followed Sun Zhengwei inside, all of them stood up at once. Although they did not know who she was, not one of them could forget Yun Jian’s amazing performance in the knockout match. Even higher-ups who had opinions about Yun Jian since the beginning could not help being quiet and serious when they saw her now.

"Miss Yun, you’re here!" Xu Zetian who was dressed dapperly did not appear old among the senior members of the gang. He made his way toward Yun Jian, his reverence toward the girl reflected in his solemn expression.

"Mm. Is anything the matter for you to send someone for me?" Yun Jian asked directly, cutting to the chase as she did not like pleasantries.

Since the knockout match, Xu Zetian had not looked for her. Fact was, Yun Jian was not familiar with Xu Zetian but they met frequently as her brother, Yun Yi, was always with Xu Haozhe. The latter was Xu Zetian’s son, so when she was with her brother and Xu Haozhe, it was inevitable that they saw each other.

"Miss Yun, this is the case," Xu Zetian spoke up with a pause.

"The Dragon Head Gang is the top mafia group in Longmen City. At the same time, we’re also the gang representative for Longmen. In a few days’ time, there will be a national mafia tea party."

"The organizing mob will be inviting all the mafia bosses in the country and their capable men to the gathering. As for the tea party, it’s basically a national contest, a gathering for each gang to send their most able men to spar and fight."

"By then, there’ll also be a collective martial charting of gangs in each province of the country. On behalf of Dragon Head Gang, I sincerely wish that you can join us and represent us to attend this tea party as part of my gang’s skilled members."

Xu Zetian was genuine in his invitation yet at the same time, his eyes were trained unblinking on Yun Jian.

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Frankly, Xu Zetian had asked Sun Zhengwei to bring Yun Jian here to first, ask her to join the Dragon Head Gang, and second, for her to attend the national mafia tea party as Dragon Head Gang’s capable member.

"Mm." Yun Jian was in no hurry to respond to Xu Zetian’s words.

She pressed her lips together and arched a brow, probing the older man with a question, "What about the benefits?"

There were certainly benefits involved if she was asked to attend a gathering like that.

A merit came with a reward. Even when Xu Zetian was a member of Gu Sha Mercenaries, Yun Jian was impartial.

"If Miss Yun agrees to my proposal, I, Xu Zetian, shall agree to any of your requests!" Xu Zetian promised easily.

This was probably the biggest promise a mafia boss of a city could make. Although Xu Zetian was only the mafia boss of a small Longmen City, the forces and authority he commanded ranged wide. Just Dragon Head Gang itself consisted of over thousands of people and was a formidable force itself.

Yun Jian raised her brow with a small smirk, speaking softly, "And if I want your entire Dragon Head Gang? Will you hand it over?"

Xu Zetian was not the only one who was shocked at her words. The rest of the occupants in the room felt their eyes twitching.

What a bold request!

She wanted the whole mob? Even when she won the knockout match and showed that she was remarkably capable, this young girl was exceptionally brazen for asking to take over Dragon Head Gang right away!

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