The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 321 - Yun Jian’s Promise, An Eager Buzz

Chapter 321 - Yun Jian’s Promise, An Eager Buzz

"That’s presumptuous of you, young lady. We, the Dragon Head Gang, we respect you as someone skillful, so we invite you to join us in good faith. Yet, you demand so much putting the bite on us!" A higher-up in the gang shouted at Yun Jian.

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In a while, more people followed this man’s sentiment and began throwing comments at Yun Jian.

To them, it was gratifying when Yun Jian won the knockout match and impaired the rude foreigner but right now, Xu Zetian was extending his earnest invitation for her to join the gang. How could she not see the favor? How dare she raise her condition and matter-of-factly say that she wanted to replace Xu Zetian as the boss and take over the mob?

Contrary to the indignation of the gang’s senior members, Xu Zetian was much calmer as he wore a slight frown looking at Yun Jian.

Yun Jian was unfazed, even making her way leisurely over to a vacant seat nearby to sit down and cross her legs. She looked calm and collected, not at all ruffled by the senior members who flipped and pointed accusatory fingers at her.

When they were done lambasting her, Yun Jian turned around, staring with her round eyes at them, blinking and speaking softly, "You’ve all worked hard to throw mud at me. Sit down and have a cup of tea."

The men bulged their eyes at Yun Jian’s words. A few higher-ups even huffed with widened eyes, looking like they were absolutely offended by her bluntness.

Xu Zetian was much calmer compared to them. As if noticing something, he stood rooted silently. It was until his senior gang members regained their composure later that he went to Yun Jian.

"Miss Yun, pray tell."

Xu Zetian stood in front of Yun Jian, maintaining his initial respectful and polite front and earning a squint from the girl.

The older man deserved his place as the top mafia boss in Longmen City. The value he held was incomparable by his high-ranking members.

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Yun Jian extended her hand, the tip of her finger tapping the rectangular meeting table, and made a gentle knock before she stood up and turned to Xu Zetian.

"There’s no doubt that you’re Longmen City’s mob boss. No one can take your place. It’s secure, yes, but don’t you want to take it a step further? Become the mafia boss of Zhe Province and even the whole nation?"

Xu Zetian was a mafia boss – that was only in Longmen City. Out of said city, he was as good as nobody.

What Yun Jian said felt like a gong hitting both Xu Zetian and the Dragon Head Gang’s senior members.

All of them were happy with their current state. They had secured their positions in Longmen City but none of them had ever thought of, did not dare to think of, what Yun Jian had just proposed.

Dragon Head Gang was fully established in Longmen City. Could it expand to Zhe Province one day and become the province’s top mafia group?

"Give Dragon Head Gang to me. I promise to make it the top mafia group of Country Z! Otherwise, you can write my name backward!" Yun Jian spoke abruptly, standing up and slapping the table as she did.

For some reason, when the men listened to Yun Jian now, they did not resist it as much as they did in the beginning.

Yes, everyone wanted to take a step forward.

It felt like there was magic in Yun Jian as her words startled the crowd. At the same time, they were filled with an eager buzz.

Perhaps, she could actually lead them out of Longmen City and make Dragon Head Gang the top mafia group in the country!

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