The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 322 - Dragon Head Acquired. No Regrets

Chapter 322 - Dragon Head Acquired. No Regrets

Xu Zetian felt a rush of electricity course through him at Yun Jian’s words.

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Dragon Head Gang was a gang Xu Zetian had built from scratch with his comrades. It was the blood, sweat, and tears of his lifetime and the hope of all the senior members.

It was not like Xu Zetian had never thought of leading his brothers of Dragon Head Gang out of the small Longmen City to become the top mafia group of Zhe Province or even Country Z.

He had never dared do it because he knew that he did not have the capacity and capability to.

He was a member of Gu Sha but his presence in the mercenaries was non-existent.

In spite of it, his heart that had long laid still was thumping again with fervor after hearing what Yun Jian said.

"What are you making your promise based on? It’s been decades since the boss led us in establishing Dragon Head till now. During then, even we old men who have tens and even hundreds of more times of experience than you couldn’t have uttered something so forward. What do you have that you think you can lead us to become Country Z’s top mafia group!"

A senior member pointed out the issue once again.

Yun Jian’s words stirred the passion within them but it was not like they were going to hand over the gang to her because of that.

What they had today was the fruit of everyone’s painstaking effort, their lifetime endeavor.

Why? Why should Dragon Head Gang be passed to her just for a few galvanizing lines of hers?

All of them were no fools. They had the ability to identify right and wrong, black and white.

"Because I’m better than all of you! Because I’m the director of New Cruise!" Yun Jian kept a squint as she spoke confidently and assertively.

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"What? Director of New Cruise?"

Someone finally gasped on the spot, astonished by her claim.

New Cruise was currently a household name, a renowned company in Longmen City. A new enterprise that was started not even half a year ago was showing exemplary results in the duration.

Not too long ago, the auto show that New Cruise organized was the biggest exhibition ever heard of across the nation and it even showcased three limited edition supercars simultaneously!

Which other large-scale auto show could compare to it?

Therefore, New Cruise rose in fame overnight – not just in Longmen City but the auto business nationwide. The company’s subsequent sales were steadily rising as well, reaching new heights. It was not at all an exaggeration to say that New Cruise was already a trendsetter.

Achieving all that, New Cruise took less than half a year.

Now, Yun Jian who claimed to be the company’s director stood before them.

It was not just the higher-ups of the gang, even Xu Zetian was staring at the beaming young lady in shock and stupor.

Yun Jian’s smile addressing everyone was sweet but it brimmed with an air that commanded submission.

Perhaps, she could really lead Dragon Head out of Longmen City to Zhe Province and even Country Z as the biggest mafia group!

Xu Zetian fisted his hands and clenched his jaw. Ultimately, he told Yun Jian in an unwavering resolute tone, "Alright! From now on, Dragon Head Gang is yours!"

Xu Zetian’s decision was made in consideration for his members. He had no regrets of giving the gang up!

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