The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 323 - Falcon Hall. A Pleasant Cooperation

Chapter 323 - Falcon Hall. A Pleasant Cooperation

Xu Zetian was a good leader. From the beginning when he led his brothers in founding Dragon Head Gang, he had been hoping that he could lead them to thrive out of Longmen City as well.

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This was his long last wish but he was not capable enough to do so.

Today, he was just planning to invite Yun Jian to join Dragon Head Gang, not expecting her to speak so boldly about replacing him. Truth was, however, the girl’s words went straight to Xu Zetian’s heart.

His brothers had been fighting alongside him for so many years but they were still contained within Longmen City. Xu Zetian had long thought about it; if there was someone stronger than him who could lead his men out of the city one day, he would gladly give up his position as the boss of the gang without wanting anything in return even if that was what was asked of him!

Today, this person appeared.

Perhaps Yun Jian’s age and size did not fit her ambition of taking over the gang. It sounded impossible. Yet, she was New Cruise’s director!

There was no doubt about it. Xu Zetian saw with his own eyes what Yun Jian did on the day of the auto show.

How could Yun Jian be a common girl when she could develop New Cruise to such height in less than half a year and become Longmen City to even the nation’s reputable company director?

Hence, Xu Zetian agreed. He wanted to bet on it.


"Boss... No!"


The wave of disagreeing cries from Dragon Head Gang’s senior members swept over.

With his eyes closed, Xu Zetian took a long moment to ponder before he raised his hand to gesture for everyone to keep quiet.

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"Enough, I’ve decided." Xu Zetian was someone who was not afraid of dropping or picking up things in life. He waved to dismiss his men’s noises.

"Miss Yun, I’ll pass Dragon Head Gang to you!" Xu Zetian turned to look at Yun Jian and expressed his thoughts, "Dragon Head Gang’s gathered my blood, sweat, and tears of this lifetime. I hope you can take care of and manage the gang well. If you could, lead my brothers and succeed outside of Longmen City on behalf of me."

This was the older man’s plan.

Yun Jian nodded. With a slightly tipped chin, she looked at Xu Zetian before scanning the rest of the members, looking at them in a rare stern gaze.

"Your boss has passed Dragon Head Gang to me. All of you, listen up. No betrayal is allowed in my gang. So are trash who take protection rackets from people. Once I find out about it, you’ll be killed without pardon."

"Next, Dragon Head Gang will be renamed to Falcon Hall, but your boss will still be taking over the management."

This meant that Yun Jian was only the boss by title. In the future, Xu Zetian was still going to be managing and making arrangements for the gang.

The rest of the men were astounded when they heard Yun Jian’s decision, especially Xu Zetian.

Usually, when a new leader stepped into reign, the old leader would be driven out of the gang.

Yun Jian did not do so. In addition, she allowed Xu Zetian to continue taking care of everything in the gang.

In this case, everything was still going on as usual other than Yun Jian currently holding the title of being their boss.

The high-ranking members calmed down instantly, not one of them kicking up a fuss. After all, this was a win-win situation.

All of them wanted their gang to succeed out of Longmen City but they did not want Xu Zetian to leave. Logically, new bosses would never keep the old bosses but Yun Jian did the exact opposite.

Now, Yun Jian was seen stretching out her hand as she looked toward Xu Zetian with her fresh face and soothing grace with a small smile. "Boss Xu, let’s have a pleasant cooperation."

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