The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 324 - Yun Yi’s Resolve. Training Them

Chapter 324 - Yun Yi’s Resolve. Training Them

"Yes, let’s have a pleasant cooperation." Xu Zetian shook her hand.

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He then put his hand down. Passing Dragon Head Gang to Yun Jian was something he had never thought about but since he did now, it was done after comprehensive consideration.

Similarly, he was not going to regret his decision.


After Yun Jian took over Dragon Head Gang and renamed it Falcon Hall, she reorganized the gang from head to toe.

Because she kept Xu Zetian and even let him continue his prior responsibilities, despite her taking over Dragon Head Gang, the high-ranking members of the gang recognized her as their boss wholeheartedly.

Yun Jian was actually not in favor of taking over a small Dragon Head Gang, or Falcon Hall as it was now, but her home was here in Longmen City. Her mother was here too. She was going back to the conspiring world of battles in her past life sooner or later. Having another force of support would mean another line of safety assurance to her mother and brothers in Longmen City.

She had a mistake in her past life once, she was never going to have weakness seized by someone else again.

It was going to be the nationwide mafia group tea party in a few days but before that, Yun Jian was free.

Her free time was spent training Zhang Shaofeng. The latter’s accuracy in throwing chopsticks had increased significantly.

Zhang Shaofeng was Yun Jian’s first disciple. She would feel bad if she did not push him harder.

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On the weekend, she called him out early in the morning. Waking up at four, it was still pitch black as the sun had yet to rise. Before Yun Jian left her house, she was stopped by Yun Yi who came back home for the weekend.

"Xiao Jian." Yun Yi was cladded in a casual white t-shirt and a loose pair of pants, looking leisurely.

"Mm, you’re up early today?" Yun Jian bent down to tie her shoelaces and got back up.

"Mn. Xiao Jian, are you going to work out?" Yun Yi wore his white sneakers as well as he asked Yun Jian, walking toward her on his long legs.

Yun Jian nodded at that. "Yes, Ge."

She had never planned to keep the fact that she worked out from Yun Yi. Qin Yirou had known about her joining the Special Forces, so did her brother.

"Xiao Jian, I know that you’ve joined the Special Forces and have picked up many ways of training. I know that I’m weaker than you but I don’t want to keep hiding behind your back in the future. I want you to know that you have me as your support too! So I’m thinking of training with you from now on, is that okay?" Yun Yi spoke in a breath.

Each time something happened, it was his younger sister who stepped up. Yun Yi was a man, he had the resolve to become strong too.

Yun Jian narrowed her eyes. She knew that her brother was requesting her to train him. She had been worried about how her family would do when she was not by their side in the future, so if Yun Yi was determined to become stronger, of course she was going to nod and agree to it.

"Mm, of course it’s fine." The corners of Yun Jian’s lips lifted as she beamed at him.

Since they were going to work out, she was going to make her brother someone powerful! She could exempt him from being a powerful killing machine, but her lowest requirement for her brother and Zhang Shaofeng was to be able to handle just small-time assassins.

"Let’s go then." Yun Jian tilted her head and called her brother.

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