The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 326 - Before The Tea Party. She Doesn’t Need It

Chapter 326 - Before The Tea Party. She Doesn’t Need It

It had been some time after the New Year Joint Program, meaning that it was not too long before winter break as well as the final exam that came before that.

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There were about three weeks before the final exam. Yun Jian woke up early this day. As usual, she ran l.a.p.s and trained with Zhang Shaofeng and her brother, Yun Yi, who recently joined them. Afterward she headed to the headquarter building of Dragon Head Gang, which was now Falcon Hall.

Dragon Head Gang being renamed Falcon Hall had caused a buzz in Longmen City. The reason for it was, of course, the change of leadership in the gang!

Xu Zetian was no longer the mafia boss he was. The top mafia boss in Longmen City was said to be replaced by a woman with the moniker Slaying Luo.

This was no doubt Yun Jian and she had been the one to come up with the pseudonym.

She was not planning to take the position of Longmen’s top mafia boss with her real name but she was also too lazy to think of another name.

Slaying God was her moniker when she was the ace of secret agents, so she could not use it again. Slashing God was her pseudonym as the Special Forces, so it was inappropriate to use it now. Hence, Yun Jian took the word Slaying from her past life’s pseudonym and made up a new moniker with the word Luo – Slaying Luo.

What spread the most in this scene was that a woman called Slaying Luo had now taken over the place of Longmen City’s top mafia boss. It was even rumored that this woman had gone right into Dragon Head Gang’s internally, but she did not do away with the initial boss, Xu Zetian, but had him continue managing his previous works.

Someone commented about Falcon Hall’s new boss, "Is this woman a fool!"

People could say what they wanted as no one was capable enough to gain firsthand news. Everything then became hearsay.

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As for now, Yun Jian carried a shoulder bag as she made her way to Falcon Hall’s headquarters.

There was a small shop near the building that Yun Jian went in to buy herself a pack of gum and blew a few bubbles from chewing it before she strolled to her destination.

When the two men who guarded the door saw her, they could not help calling out joyfully, "Boss!"

Everyone in Falcon Hall had heard about Yun Jian and no one did not recognize her as the new boss. It was already a known fact in the gang that their new leader was the director of New Cruise! She had taken less than half a year to build the company to where it was today. It was only unimaginable how capable she was.

"Mm." Yun Jian nodded and hummed at the men before entering and heading inside.

Not a while later, she came out again. This time, she did not come out alone. There were two other people beside her.

On her left was Qing You and on her right was Xu Zetian.

Oh, right, Yun Jian had carried the shoulder bag with plans to go to the nationwide mafia group tea party – and she was planning to bring only two people along, Xu Zetian and Qing You.

Initially, the senior members rejected the arrangement. Yun Jian was the boss now and she was the biggest boss of Longmen City’s mafia groups. It was only a matter of security that she took enough people with her when she was attending the tea party consisting of mafias of the whole country.

However, Yun Jian did not plan to bring anyone extra except for the two mentioned. Her reason was in the form of five words – she did not need it.

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