The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 327 - The Tea Party And The Lady Boss

Chapter 327 - The Tea Party And The Lady Boss

The national mafia group tea party of Country Z was held at F City of Ji Province that was far from Zhe Province and Longmen City.

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The gang to host it was the provincial mafia group of Ji Province, the Green Tiger Gang.

Green Tiger Gang was founded a very long time ago. It was said that since the late Qing dynasty to the early republic period, Green Tiger Gang had established itself locally, going through rebellion and revolution, and remained at the top in Ji Province to this day.

There were over ten thousand members in the Green Tiger Gang spread out across cities in Ji Province. Its influence and status was nothing like the initial Dragon Head Gang.

Nonetheless, Green Tiger Gang and Falcon Hall had no conflict of interest as the former was in Ji Province and the latter was based in Zhe Province’s Longmen City. Moreover, both gangs were not on the same level.

One was a provincial presence while Falcon Hall was, at most, the top mafia group in Longmen City. Based on the latter’s current position, it was not even influential in Zhe Province.

For now, Yun Jian was driving her favorite car, LaFerrari, toward F City in Ji Province.

The sports car could take passengers at the back too, so it was no problem taking in Xu Zetian and Qing You.

The reason Yun Jian chose to drive her LaFerrari to attend the tea party despite the distance was the fact that she had modified the car. The vehicle’s gorgeous exterior was a plus too.

She had modified the sports car and installed various bulletproof setups on it. If something undesirable happened and she had to flee driving the car, she would be unscathed if someone shot her from behind with pistols or rifles.


Ji Province was far. Even when Yun Jian sped and kept up to 200km/h on the seemingly endless highway, it took them six long hours before they arrived.

Ji Province was not as safe as Zhe Province in terms of law and order, thus gangs flourished here.

Yun Jian drove into F City soon and was speeding toward the venue of the tea party.

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Ji Province, F City, venue of the mafia group tea party.

There were plenty of cars coming in and out but, the majority of the vehicles that drove in were escorted by more vehicles. Those who stepped off the automobiles, the bosses of mafia groups, made their way into the venue.

In comparison to the dramatic entrance of the other mafia bosses, like those who were escorted into site by dozens of bodyguards in black uniform, a limited edition Ferrari sports car in red was unusually striking.

Once said sports cars drove into the area, it attracted attention as everyone cast their gaze toward the only car to drive in without protection.

As the Ferrari sports car slowly drove into the garage, a pair of white canvas shoes greeted the crowd first. Then, a sixteen-year-old young girl who was pretty and delicate in outstanding looks with a sling bag slung on her shoulder hopped off the driver’s seat.

A young girl?

Everyone froze in their gaze.

There was a teenage girl here on the day where mafia bosses gathered?

"Oh my, Sister Jian, my back hurts from sitting at the small seat behind for six whole hours!" The crowd then heard another girl’s grumble before the owner of the voice hopped out from where the dashing girl with a sling bag came out from.

Another sixteen years old? Fifteen perhaps?

If they did not know that a mafia group gathering was held here and all the mafia bosses were coming together, those around the area would have thought that this place was a playground.

Maybe, one of these girls was really a certain gang’s boss? It did not seem likely.

"This is the place." The passenger seat of the Ferrari sports car opened next as a middle-aged man got down.

It was only then the crowd looked appeased. It seemed that this middle-aged man was the boss of a gang.

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