The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 328 - Not Bad. A Provocation

Chapter 328 - Not Bad. A Provocation

This was a mafia boss they were speaking about. How could it be possible that it was a young girl?

Asking a teenage girl to manage an actual gang? This was no child’s play!

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The same thought ran through everyone’s mind but they did a double take on the trio still.

Although they assumed Xu Zetian to be the boss and Yun Jian and Qing You to be his underlings, it was still astonishing.

A mafia boss bringing two young ladies to attend a national mafia group tea party – was he planning to embarrass himself?

Anyone and everyone knew that this tea party was a friendly match for the best fighters in the mafia groups. Put plainly, it was a contest to see which gang had a higher combat power.

The fighters others brought were sinewy and broadly built and then there were Yun Jian, Qing You and Xu Zetian...

Xu Zetian whom everyone assumed to be the boss stood in front while Yun Jian and Qing You stood beside him.

When outsiders took a look at the girls, they would think both of them were incapable innocent young ladies.

Were they here for the competition? Was the man sure he did not bring his children here for a holiday?

The crowd then watched as Yun Jian led Xu Zetian and Qing You into the tea party. When they arrived at the door, there was someone there for registration.

"Which area and which gang?" Without lifting their head, the person at the door asked.

"Zhe Province Longmen City, Falcon Hall." Yun Jian’s crisp girlish voice made the registration person look up.

When the procedure was done, the person then told three of them, "You may go in now."

He watched the trio enter before rubbing his nose and could not help exclaiming, "Do kids attend events like this too nowadays? Sigh, children nowadays mature so early!"

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Yun Jian, Qing You and Xu Zetian were already inside the venue of the mafia group tea party.

This was a nationwide event, so the scale was impressively large with a distinct mood.

As the hosting gang and the top gang of Ji Province, Green Tiger Gang made sure to set up a spectacular occasion.

Falcon Hall, which used to be Dragon Head Gang, was not exactly prominent among the many mafias.

As Yun Jian and Qing You caught attention, Xu Zetian who was with them received some to himself as well.

"Sister Jian, this is the first time I’m attending a mafia gathering that’s national," Qing You said leisurely as she picked a piece of dessert from the table and munched on it.

In Yun Jian’s past life, Qing You had gone to plenty of banquets and events with her that were nothing smaller than this tea party. It explained her ease when facing an event on this scale.

"Mm," Yun Jian replied with a hum as she stood her spot, relaxed with her arms crossed in front of her c.h.e.s.t.

She wore form fitting thermal wear today with a down jacket on the outside. If one looked at her face and her slim figure wrapped in the jacket, she was a focal point naturally.

Qing You’s baby face was a limelight as well. She was now popping a gr.a.p.e into her mouth and commenting, "This tea party is nothing like the banquets in the past but these snacks taste great."

As she said so, she picked up a gr.a.p.e and pushed it to Yun Jian. "Come on, Sister Jian, have a try. It’s nice."

Yun Jian was not fussy. She accepted what she was given and peeled the skin when she popped the gr.a.p.e into her mouth, answering after a few beats, "Not bad."

Just as the three of them stood around minding their own business, a voice came in out of the blue but it was not directed at Yun Jian and Qing You.

It came with the flagrant tone of provocation toward Xu Zetian. "Hah, look, isn’t this the ex-boss of Dragon Head Gang – Pft, I mean, the ex-boss of Falcon Hall? Tsk, tsk, how are you still here?"

Yun Jian followed the goading voice and saw a bald man in his thirties standing in front of Xu Zetian, taunting him in a scornful voice.

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