The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 329 - Aren’t I Here? The New Boss

Chapter 329 - Aren’t I Here? The New Boss

This bald man in his thirties took a glance at Yun Jian and Qing You who stood near Xu Zetian and as if catching something hilarious, he guffawed immediately.

Pausing, he told Xu Zetian in a mocking tone, "Haha! We haven’t met for some time and you’ve brought two little girls to attend this tea party. Xu Zetian, what’s gotten into you?"

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The bald man began to look conceited. "Right, where’s the new boss of Falcon Hall, Slaying Luo, who people talk about so much? Tsk, tsk, I heard that it’s a woman?"

Undisguised provocation. There was no doubt this bald man was here to find fault.

"Xu Linbo, enough from you!" Xu Zetian who did not manage to hold himself back finally growled at the bald man when Yun Jian made no move to respond.

The man who was called Xu Linbo dug his nose, fl.i.c.k.i.n.g his booger away after rubbing it between his fingers, and faced Xu Zetian with his chin tipped so high, one could only see his flaring nostrils.

"Oh, I know. Xu Zetian, you’re not the boss now but don’t tell me that your new boss, Slaying Luo, of the Falcon Hall dares not make an appearance? Hah, I mean, who can blame her? It’s said that Slaying Luo is a woman. A woman. How could she dare come to the gathering place of us men?"

Xu Linbo looked absolutely haughty.

It was obvious that he knew Xu Zetian.

The fact was, both the men had ties from way back. Xu Zetian used to be the mafia boss of Longmen City in Zhe Province but Longmen City was not the only city in Zhe Province. There was a city next to Longmen City called Yuzhou City.

Xu Linbo was the boss of Yuzhou City.

Both these bosses of the neighboring cities shared a lot of history and even had a huge conflict back then for a certain matter.

Now that Xu Linbo saw Xu Zetian in this national mafia tea party, he certainly also knew that the latter was no longer the boss of Falcon Hall. As nemeses, it was inevitable that he had to come over and deride him for the sake of it.

After all, both of them had never been friends. How bad, you ask? They nearly declared an intercity gang fight.

It did not happen in the end, of course.

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While Xu Linbo was gloating and was in complete ignorance at Yun Jian and Qing You, a girl’s crisp voice sounded incongruously against the chattering tea party, "Who says that I dare not come? Aren’t I here?"

Yun Jian butted in abruptly. Her sudden acknowledgment caught Xu Linbo who had been bl.u.s.tering and even patting himself on the back off guard.

Since she was replying to his taunt just now, it must mean that she was the current boss of Falcon Hall, the woman named Slaying Luo.

No matter how insignificant Falcon Hall was, it was the top mafia in Longmen City and an established gang with thousands of members. When news broke that Dragon Head Gang had been taken over by a young woman called Slaying Luo, Xu Linbo and others were utterly flabbergasted.

A gang, taken over by a woman? Many people would wonder how a woman was taking command of a gang as the boss, especially as mafia bosses were the place of men!

It was already shocking that Falcon Hall was acquired by a woman but now, this woman named Slaying Luo was this young girl less than eighteen years old in front of them?

Was this a joke?

Truthfully, Xu Linbo had not even spared a glance at Yun Jian and Qing You since the beginning.

No matter how they looked at them, Yun Jian was delicate and pretty with a fresh charm while Qing You was baby-face and brimming with guilelessness. Both of them were thin bony girls!

To become a mafia boss, what mattered the most was being capable. With capabilities, only then would the members of the gang listen to your orders and work for you wholeheartedly.

Yun Jian and Qing You, right here, hardly looked exemplary.

"Huh? Wait, you – you mean you’re Falcon Hall’s new boss? The woman, Slaying Luo?" Xu Linbo cried in astonishment.

His shriek immediately gained the attention of the people around them.

Actually, it was not that there were no female bosses in modern society. They were just a rare case. Nonetheless, an underage girl as a boss was never heard of in history!

Hence, those who had been paying attention when Yun Jian and Qing You entered just now looked over upon Xu Linbo’s cry, freezing in shock.

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