The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 33 - A Mysterious Man. One Word, Kill

Chapter 33 - A Mysterious Man. One Word, Kill

Yun Jian’s sprinting speed was so fast Brother Hu’s gang could keep up. In a blink of an eye, she had set herself a long distance away from the men.

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Following the direction of the silencer pistol’s "tss", Yun Jian arrived at the other end of the alley. She hid at a corner and peeked.

What greeted her sight was a bloodied middle-aged man who lay on the floor, apparently dead.

Yun Jian was certain that the gunshot she heard just now was the one that killed the man.

Moving her gaze forward, she saw a woman in a vermillion robe standing in front.

The woman was covered in wounds, her state not much better than the dead man, but she guarded the item in her embrace resolutely.

Before her were three men in their twenties. The person in the middle was probably only nineteen or twenty years old but he was the most notifiable one among the trio.

The boy was fair with supple skin but his face was structured in cold lines and angles with a tall nose that looked perfectly sculpted.

Yun Jian could discern that the other two men beside him took him as their center.

Describing the man as gorgeous was no exaggeration. – This was the first time Yun Jian saw a man who exuded both masculine and feminine beauty, causing her to make a double take subconsciously.

"Enchantress, hand over what’s in your grip. Otherwise, we’ll kill you now!" The man standing beside the gorgeous boy told the woman in the vermillion robe after receiving his permission.

Yun Jian raised her brow when she heard how the woman was addressed.

She was not unfamiliar with the name Enchantress. Enchantress was ranked the tenth in the ranking of secret agents. It was said that this person loved wearing bright red gowns all year long and was seductive and unchaste.

Yun Jian did not expect to meet her in an unassuming place like Xinjiang Town.

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Before she could think further into it, the woman with the moniker Enchantress laughed looking at the three males. "Dream on! I’ve toiled for this little thing. It’s impossible that I give it to you just like this!"

"Young master, this damned woman doesn’t know better. Why don’t we kill her right now and snatch what we want!" The other man beside the boy who looked worse in temper asked, l.i.c.k.i.n.g his lips.

Of course, the right to decide was still in the hands of the gorgeous boy they called "young master".

The gorgeous boy was not older than both the other men but his gaze was dim and deep that Yun Jian could not guess his current thoughts.

"Kill her." The gorgeous boy landed his order; his low tone tinged with cruel belligerence.

Not long after the words were spoken, noises were heard. The three men including Enchantress who had been staying on guard felt something in the air as they looked toward the wall Yun Jian was hiding behind in unison

Yun Jian’s capability to conceal herself was adequate to be unnoticed by the group but those on the spot had indeed cast their gaze in her direction.

It was not that she had exposed herself but...

"Chase after her! Faster! Yun Jian that bitch won’t be far!" Mu Xiang’s shrill voice was heard from a distance away behind her. Yun Jian’s face darkened.

Once the piercing noise was heard, Yun Jian gave up hiding and stepped away from the wall, surprising the group who was there earlier.

Since when was a person hiding there that they did not realize her?

The gorgeous boy squinted, his sharp gaze coincidentally meeting Yun Jian’s.

"Yun Jian, where are you running to... Ah! Ah! De – dea – de! A dead man!" It was then that Mu Xiang, Brother Hu, and the gang arrived at the scene.

As they walked over cursing, they suddenly saw the middle-aged man who was already dead on the floor. Mu Xiang and the gang who had never seen a dead person screamed in terror.

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