The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 331 - What Did She Discover? Yun Jian’s Penchant

Chapter 331 - What Did She Discover? Yun Jian’s Penchant

Others might not have caught what happened just now but Yun Jian saw it clearly, so she knew what was going on over there.

She was not surprised since Qing You’s poison administration was stealthy.

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When Xu Linbo approached them just now, Qing You had silently poisoned him with a drug that made one terribly itchy and made the victim want to scratch themselves incessantly. If the antidote was not provided, one could even scratch the skin off their body.

Other than Yun Jian, however, no one saw what happened because as mentioned, Qing You could poison someone faster than the human eye could visibly perceive.

She was not called Lady Venom for nothing!

That said, Yun Jian was able to see her administering the poison.

"Hmph, yap all he wants, how dare he slander my Sister Jian! He should have a taste of tearing his own skin apart."

Qing You pursed her lips as she glanced at where Xu Linbo was struggling and grabbed a cherry tomato from the table of food to pop it into her mouth before munching.

Xu Zetian caught her murmur and could not help tilting away from Yun Jian to take a look at Qing You.

He had seen Yun Jian’s skills. She was fast, precise, and extremely brutal.

Looking at Xu Linbo again, the man was scratching himself moments ago, before his reaction grew bigger and started rolling around on the floor.

Matching it with Qing You’s murmur, Xu Zetian could not help being startled.

Was Xu Linbo reacting like that because of what Qing You did?

Xu Zetian had thought that Qing You was just a young girl tagging along with Yun Jian, not at all considering her capability.

Now, he was greatly astonished.

Yun Jian was not the only expert here. The little girl she brought along was exceptionally skilled as well!

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Xu Zetian had kept his eyes on Xu Linbo just now, watching the latter walk away, yet he did not even see Qing You doing anything.

She had already poisoned Xu Linbo then? How proficient must she be?

"Let’s take a look over there." Yun Jian’s gaze was indifferent, exuding a nonchalant vibe, but her eyes were bright and her features were delicate, making up a picture of exquisite beauty.

She had her eyes set somewhere, asking Xu Zetian and Qing You to go over there with her.

"Mm." Xu Zetian turned serious naturally when he received the instruction. To him, there must be a reason once Yun Jian spoke.

"Heh, Sister Jian, this is what you discovered!" Qing You’s voice rang again.

What did she discover? Xu Zetian followed Yun Jian over more solemnly, assuming that she had found something crucial.

This was the vibe that Yun Jian gave off, the kind of person who was detached and cool even when met with something big.

Nonetheless, when he followed Yun Jian to a long table with all sorts of delicacies, he saw Yun Jian grab a big crab from it. Then, she worked the crab open to dip the meat with the soy sauce available on the table and began to eat.

Xu Zetian who had thought that Yun Jian discovered something phenomenal was stupefied.

The girl had led them here just so she could eat this crab.

Qing You giggled as she perched herself on the long table and told Yun Jian, "Sister Jian, this tea party doesn’t look like it amounts to much but the food they prepared is quite nice."

"Mm." Yun Jian nodded with a hum and swallowed the last of the meaty crab before commenting, "The crab is very good."

Yun Jian loved seafood, especially crab.

Qing You said what she did because she knew all too well.

Xu Zetian who stood at the side gulped, feeling speechless. So the girl looked uncaring but she had this penchant...

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