The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 332 - The Arrival Of Green Tiger Gang. She’s Special

Chapter 332 - The Arrival Of Green Tiger Gang. She’s Special

By the time Yun Jian had finished a whole crab to herself, it had been some time since Xu Linbo was rolling and tossing on the floor.

As he caused a scene, the personnel taking care of the tea party’s order stepped up to take him to the hospital. There were a lot of red pustules rising on his skin that was exposed in the air.

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"He’s having an allergic reaction, how unfortunate!" someone shouted.

It did seem like an allergic reaction, so everyone in the venue just assumed that of Xu Linbo. Since it also did look severe, they could only send him to the hospital first.

After that, the tea party officially began.

What happened with Xu Linbo did not call too much attention.

It was when about a dozen bodyguards escorted a rather dashing man in his thirties with thick eyebrows and a piercing aura from the outside of the venue later that everyone’s attention was roused.

This rather good looking man was the host of this nationwide mafia tea party, the boss of the famous Ji Province’s Green Tiger Gang, Long Youcheng.

Long Youcheng was currently being escorted into the venue by his convoy of bodyguards.

A big crowd of mafia bosses from everywhere in the country swarmed over, trying to gain his favor with the chance.

Green Tiger Gang was not only the top gang in Ji Province, it was also the leading mob in the northern region of the country.

This meant that the boss of the nation’s northern territories was Green Tiger Gang.

That explained why Long Youcheng, boss of said gang, commanded attention once he appeared.

It was not only due to the fact that he was the leader of the mob. He was young and promising to the crowd; only thirty-one this year with good looks too, it was not an exaggeration to call him handsome.

Plenty of mafia bosses actually had the intention to forge connections with Long Youcheng using their daughters. If they managed to get into his bed, it would be the best; if not, it was good to gather whatever good luck they could.

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Therefore, there was no one else standing their spots for the time being other than Yun Jian, Qing You, and Xu Zetian.

Long Youcheng scanned the hall and when his eyes raked over the trio, he paused with a start.

He had never known that such beauty existed in the world!

In addition, the ones currently present in the tea party were either mafia bosses or the mobs’ fighters and high-ranking members. Yun Jian and Qing You’s presences thus stood out sorely.

When Long Youcheng saw Yun Jian staying where she was and did not pander to him once he arrived, he was intrigued.

As the saying went, curiosity killed the cat, Long Youcheng made his way through the crowd to go to Yun Jian.

The latter was unoccupied as she stood there, her gaze flat, but she could feel Long Youcheng coming toward her.

"Beautiful, how should I address you?" Amidst the convoy and envy, Long Youcheng stood before Yun Jian and checked her out with mirth before asking.

Yun Jian merely looked up at him with a glance before shifting her eyes away and uttered faintly, "Slaying Luo."

When Long Youcheng saw that he was only spared a glance before the girl looked away to dismiss him, he was taken aback. Anyone here was eager to please him but this girl was special!

"Which province and gang are you from, may I ask?"

Long Youcheng’s voice could possibly swoon any female on the spot but Yun Jian was unfazed, not even feeling like answering him.

"We’re from Zhe Province’s Falcon Hall," Xu Zetian who was unnerved that Yun Jian did not reply Long Youcheng answered on her behalf.


Long Youcheng squinted his eyes, staring at Yun Jian with spurred interest and a glint to his eyes, but he turned to leave when the latter ignored him.

Before he went away, he said, "Beautiful, I’ll see you later!"

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