The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 333 - The Match. More Than Enough

Chapter 333 - The Match. More Than Enough

Long Youcheng’s appearance did not fl.u.s.ter Yun Jian but it did Xu Zetian. He stood beside her and started worriedly. "Sister Jian, that’s the leader of Green Tiger Gang, Long Youcheng! He’s young and is already the boss of the north’s biggest gang, Green Tiger Gang. Rumor has it that he’s brutal and ferocious. Nothing he’s set his eyes on ever escapes him! I think he’s already set eyes on you, Sister Jian. Should we leave early?"

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The reason the mobs feared and yet wanted to be on the good side of the Green Tiger Gang was because the latter was truly a capable gang.

In the early years when countless mobs, big or small, in the north fought for dominance, the Green Tiger Gang was already standing out. It was well-established with several hundred years of history too. It was even said that its wealth could rival a country’s. That was, of course, only a metaphor; Green Tiger Gang was not as exaggeratedly brilliant.

According to Xu Zetian, however, Long Youcheng was young, only thirty-one years old, but his strategies and ways of conduct were extremely ruthless.

There was hearsay about him, that no woman or man whom he wanted could escape the palm of his hand.

As for Xu Zetian, he was only a small-time boss of Longmen City. He had never thought about rivaling the strongest Green Tiger Gang of the north. It was something impossible.

What Long Youcheng said earlier was explicit that he had his eyes on Yun Jian, so the only solution Xu Zetian could possibly think of was to flee.

"Leave? Do I look like the type to flee?" Yun Jian laughed due to what Xu Zetian said. Tucking some hair to the back of her ear, she questioned with a press of lips.

Qing You who was standing beside them giggled. Compared to the older man’s worry, she had no qualms.

It was not like fleeing was ridiculous according to Xu Zetian. If Yun Jian was really just that, the boss of Falcon Hall, fleeing instantly was truly recommended when she was coveted by the boss of the northern region’s biggest gang, Long Youcheng.

It was too bad Yun Jian was not.

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Fleeing has no entry in her dictionary.

The tea party went on for some time, during which the mafia bosses and high-ranking members of gangs who attended did as simply as having tea and tasting delicacies.

The harmony was only disturbed when a host from Green Tiger Gang stepped out to organize the venue.

"Everyone, may I have your attention. All of you here are mafia bosses and executives of gangs across this country. First of all, allow me to welcome you."

"Next, as per custom, the mafia tea party each year ranks the abilities of gangs, so I’d like to invite all the skilled gang members here to prepare yourselves. The friendly match will start in a bit."

"Would the gang members taking part come over to the field, please."

Green Tiger Gang would host a tea party annually and invite nationwide mobs to attend it. At the same time, it would organize a ranking of the gangs’ capability. This meant that the mafia bosses were to bring along the elites of their groups to attend the event and have them join the contest.

It went without saying that the elites of the gangs would represent their own mobs.

"The first round of the contests is marksmanship. Please make your way to the backyard of the venue."

After the host made his announcement, he led the guests to said place.

"Let’s go too," Yun Jian turned to tell Xu Zetian and Qing You. The three of them then followed the crowd to the backyard.

"Sister Jian, I’ll go. I haven’t used a gun in a long time but it’s more than enough to handle them," Qing You said rubbing her hands together when they came to the venue’s back.

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