The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 334 - Qing You’s Shot. The Martial Match

Chapter 334 - Qing You’s Shot. The Martial Match

"Mm." Yun Jian nodded, not refusing her.

Qing You was terrific in administering poison but her marksmanship was not the best.

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In spite of it, no matter how bad she was, she could still be the best among these people in a mafia tea party like this.

Xu Zetian did not comment as he knew that Yun Jian must have her own reason for agreeing.

Yun Jian stood at the corner, relatively hidden among the three of them, but she was still the most eye-catching.

When Long Youcheng talked to Yun Jian just now, it had attracted a lot of attention to the trio. Hearing that she was the boss of Falcon Hall, the other guests were even more curious who they would send to join the match.

"Falcon Hall will probably send the middle-aged man who looks more robust out for the match. The two girls look utterly unconvincing! And the first round tests marksmanship. They probably have never even touched a gun before."

People began talking about them.

"I also think it’s the man who will join too."


The crowd was actively giving their opinions. Out of Yun Jian, Qing You, and Xu Zetian, two were girls and only the man was older in age. He looked stronger too, so everyone assumed that he was going to represent Falcon Hall.

"Beautiful, we’ve met again. Tsk... Do you want me to help you? I can lend you a man," Long Youcheng who left just now had come to the venue’s backyard too and asked Yun Jian looking at her with a flirty look.

"Qing You, go along," Yun Jian turned to tell Qing You, ignoring Long Youcheng without sparing him a glance.

"Mm." Qing You moved to shuffle toward the spot where all the gang elites were assembled at.

Qing You had a sweet baby face. When she made her way over there, someone finally shouted, "Goodness me, is this for real? They... they’re sending this little girl for a shooting match?"

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Someone answered the cry, "Hah, Falcon Hall’s boss, Slaying Luo, probably knows that she has no one good enough and sent this girl. Even if she loses, it’s not embarrassing it’s mentioned in the future."

"Looks like Falcon Hall’s boss isn’t all they made her up to be. Boring."

Gossipers were already conversing noisily.

Each year, the climax of the tea party was the capability ranking match between the gangs. It was when everyone was the most engrossed in.

"Hah, beautiful, you heard it too. Isn’t it absurd to send a little girl to shoot a gun? I’m being kind when I offer a man to help you, why aren’t you accepting it?" Long Youcheng could not help muttering as he stood near Yun Jian.

He was brimming with skepticism regarding Qing You’s ability but before he finished his words, continuous shots were heard from the field.

Bang, bang, bang...

A series of ten shots were heard when Qing You picked up the pistol and began firing after taking aim at the target.

All ten shots hit bullseyes without a miss!

Long Youcheng clamped his mouth shut instantly. The people who were talking about Yun Jian, Qing You, and Xu Zetian zipped their mouths too.

When Qing You was done firing all ten shots, she ran back to Yun Jian and spoke cheerfully, "Sister Jian, I’m done. The shooting targets are so close, it’s really easy!"

"Mm." Yun Jian nodded without much reaction, looking as if what happened was expected.

After that, the elites of each mob fired their ten shots as well, registered by the personnel responsible.

Then, the host came back again and continued to speak with his not-so-melodious voice, "Cough, cough... All the members we have here performed outstandingly. We’ll now continue with the second round, the martial match. Taekwondo, wushu, mixed martial arts, you can use any martial arts."

"We will have a tournament of duels to finally come up with the ranks."

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