The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 335 - A Bet. I Know What I’m Doing

Chapter 335 - A Bet. I Know What I’m Doing

Once martial prowess was announced to be the next round of contests, Qing You waved her hands and turned to Yun Jian, pressing her parched lips together and saying, "Sister Jian, I can’t do martial arts."

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Qing You was an expert in poisoning and her marksmanship was fairly adequate. Speaking of martial prowess, however, she could only defend herself against attacks from some high level secret agents and assassins. That was just defending herself. In a martial contest like this that required one’s initiative and brawl, Qing You would never be one to do well.

A lot of people were perking their ears to tune in to Yun Jian, Qing You, and Xu Zetian.

The trio was undeniably prominent. What was more, Green Tiger Gang’s boss, Long Youcheng, seemed to be interested in Yun Jian currently. Moreover, the shooting skill Qing You had shown was shocking when all of them underestimated her, even when she was not the only one to have struck all ten bullseyes.

People who took part on behalf of their gangs here were elites. There were no incompetent participants, but Qing You stood out because of her age.

It was impressive that a girl who was only a teenager was so skilled in marksmanship.

When they heard that Qing You admitted to her lack of martial ability, however, the crowd could not help their exclamation. God was fair, after all. Qing You was proficient in shooting but she could not stand a fight.

It was just that these people did not know that even when Qing You could not handle a fight, she had a thousand ways of silently killing everyone here with her poison.

"Mm." Yun Jian nodded.

The guests began guessing again. Who would Slaying Luo be assigned from Falcon Hall to fight the round?

"It should be the man this time! There’s no one else except for him from what I see. There are only three of them here! She couldn’t possibly step out herself", someone said looking over to the trio.

"Beautiful, would you dare bet with me?" Long Youcheng could not help asking as he stared at Yun Jian.

"What’s the bet?" This time, Yun Jian parted her lips to reply to the man.

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"If Falcon Hall is ranked top ten among the mobs in this martial round, I’ll agree to any of your terms. But if you fail to do that, you’ll have to be my girlfriend. What do you think?" Long Youcheng was being unreasonable.

Forget that he was already thirty-one years old and was a whole decade older than Yun Jian. He thought that Yun Jian was easy on the eyes and was very special when he took his first glance at her. His interest was piqued, thus he made the suggestion.

To what he thought, there were only three of them. Qing You was not taking part and Xu Zetian did not exactly look like he was very skilled.

His request of Falcon Hall ranking top ten out of all the mobs here in the battle round was not something easy. Furthermore, there were more than one hundred mafia groups here. It was more than a challenge to break into the top ten out of these people.

In addition, the first place of the past battle contests had always belonged to the Green Tiger Gang. The other groups were not too bad themselves.

Falcon Hall used to be Dragon Head Gang. Long Youcheng had the confidence to suggest a bet with Yun Jian, because he had a fair amount of impression that Dragon Head Gang used to rank after the hundredth position.

Even if Dragon Head Gang, which was currently Falcon Hall, improved by leaps and bounds, could they push right into the top ten from a hundred something?

There was a sudden smirk from Yun Jian. Everyone watched as she agreed to Long Youcheng’s wager. "Sure."

"Sister Jian, this can’t do..." Xu Zetian called out anxiously from the side.

"I know what I’m doing." Yun Jian told Xu Zetian and stood up to make her way toward the field.

As Qing You had gone on a round just now, Yun Jian’s participation was no longer surprising.

The opponents of the duels were decided from drawing lots. Yun Jian drew her lot and went up the stage to prepare for the match.

A brawny man walked up from the opposite. This was obviously her opponent and when people saw who the man was, they gasped aloud.

"Gosh, isn’t that the second-in-command of Green Tiger Gang, Teng She? It’s said that he’s killed an international underground female secret agent before! It’s hard to say if this little girl can even strike an attack facing him!"

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