The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 336 - A Big Kid. Strangely Similar

Chapter 336 - A Big Kid. Strangely Similar

"What do you mean it’s said that? It’s true! Teng She is Green Tiger Gang’s second-in-command. His capability isn’t a folk tale! Do you know that he’s always taken first place representing his mob in past duels?"

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"Really? He’s that good?"

"Why would I be bluffing?"

The spectators were engrossed in their comments.

The friendly match of the mobs was actually just sending the strongest fighter in their gang to participate. As for the best fighter, he represented the whole gang, carrying the name on his back.

An elite was well worth countless high-ranking members, so everyone placed high regards on this friendly match.

After all, the person sent by his gang and emerging champion meant that the mob was highly capable.

The guests spectated with enthusiasm but Xu Zetian wore a long face on the side. Contrary to his reaction, Qing You took her seat on a stool leisurely to munch on some sunflower seeds served as snacks.

Long Youcheng sat in the highest position, narrowing his eyes and certain that Yun Jian was going to lose.

As for Yun Jian who was assumed to lose without a doubt, she stood in the ring side-eyeing her opponent, the muscly Teng She who was 1.93m tall.

Compared to Yun Jian who was only around 1.6m tall, the difference of their height was baffling.

Absolutely no one thought that Yun Jian was going to win with the disparity of their sizes, including Xu Zetian.

Although Yun Jian did win against boxer Shiniji who almost got into the international competition, Teng She and Shiniji were not on the same level in terms of abilities.

Teng She was a retired Special Forces. When he was still in service, he had killed an international underground female secret agent with his b.a.r.e hands.

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No matter how competent Yun Jian was, Xu Zetian thought that she was still just a small girl. Could she really fight Teng She who killed a secret agent who would not bat an eye to kill someone?

"You’re fighting me?" Teng She creased his brows unnoticeably when he saw that his opponent was Yun Jian.

It was not that Teng She looked down at Yun Jian. As a legitimate retired Special Forces, it put him at a loss to fight an underage young girl.

"Yes." Yun Jian stared right into Teng She’s eyes without any hint of fear.

The spectators began to cheer when they saw it but it was for Teng She.

"Teng She! Beat her! Make her go home and cry for mommy! What a nuisance for a kid to come here asking for a beating!"

"I’m not fighting a small kid." Teng She kept his gaze on Yun Jian for two seconds, announcing in front of everyone before he turned to leave the ring.

"Huh? He’s not fighting? The match hasn’t even started!" Someone lamented in disappointment.

Just as Teng She was leaving, the girl’s bright melodious voice drifted from the back. "Too bad then. I usually fight big kids."

Saying he was a big kid? Teng She was taken aback at her words. When he turned around, he was greeted with a figure charging toward him so speedily that he was unable to visibly make out.

In the next second, the silhouette had kicked him in the stomach and Teng She distinctly felt himself being lifted off the ground as he was flung several meters away. His c.h.e.s.t burned as he fell outside of the ring.

The girl’s speed was indescribable.

He had killed an international underground female secret agent and that lady’s killing method was strangely similar to the kick he had just received!

While Teng She was still dazed on the floor, the girl’s melodic voice spoke up again. "I’m good at fighting big kids. You lost."

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