The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 337 - Can’t Beat Her. I Almost Died

Chapter 337 - Can’t Beat Her. I Almost Died

Teng She lost before they even fought?

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The spectators were dumbstruck.

Plenty of them who were watching were Teng She’s fans and to them, what Yun Jian did just now was considered an ambush. Someone sprang up from their seat and shouted at her without a care, "Little girl, you ambushed him! It doesn’t count! If Teng She means business, you’d go home and ask mommy for milk anytime now!"

Some people stood up as well, chorusing to speak for Teng She and even accused Yun Jian, "That’s right! You’re so young yet you cheat by ambushing! Have some face! Go home! Get out!"

In an instant, people who cursed at Yun Jian hiked in number.

Long Youcheng who sat down there had already felt something amiss when Yun Jian struck just now. His brows were locked together as his eyes zeroed in on Yun Jian, as if he was going to see through her.

Denounced, Yun Jian was unfazed. She hooked her little finger at Teng She who was on the floor with a gleam in her eyes. "You can fight me now legitimately if you’re indignant."

Yun Jian was not even planning to win just by ambushing the man.

The reality was that Teng She would have left, judging by his character if she did not do something like that.

Teng She who was sprawled on the floor looked back at Yun Jian, but the underestimating tint to his gaze was gone. Yun Jian’s kick just now was not hard but it was enough to inflict pain on Teng She despite not hurting him more severely.

Patting dust from himself, Teng She flipped himself off the floor. He kept his eyes on Yun Jian with a frown for two seconds before his face fell again.

"I admit my defeat," he told Yun Jian in front of everyone.

Teng She was a smart man. He had to be shrewd when he managed to climb to the position of second-in-command in the Green Tiger Gang and worked under Long Youcheng for so many years.

To others, Yun Jian’s kick might seem like an ambush just now but he knew it was more. Despite the seemingly ordinary ambush, he was well aware that he would face the same end even if he faced off Yun Jian in a legitimate battle, instead of the ambush—that was, he would still be kicked through the air!

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Teng She had been a long-reigning champion of the battle round. Once he surrendered, it was a high chance Yun Jian would win facing others after this.

After all, her kick just now did happen!

The crowd no longer dared underestimate Yun Jian and knew that she must be somehow skilled since she dared set foot in the ring.

In spite of it, Teng She admitting defeat still shocked all of them—mostly, Long Youcheng was the one most appalled by it.

He was the first one to stand up, ordering Teng She as the boss of Green Tiger Gang with a slap to the table, "Admitting defeat before a battle, how could a man from Green Tiger Gang be so cowardly!"

Long Youcheng was actually afraid of Yun Jian rising to top ten when Teng She surrendered. After all, he was still waiting for Yun Jian to fulfill her part of their promise!

Teng She was unmoved hearing Long Youcheng. Why would he surrender if he could win?

He was not a fool, quick to send himself to his demise when he knew that he could not overpower his opponent.

"Boss, I’m not a coward. I really can’t fight her. You guys think that her kick was nothing special but her technique was exactly like the international underground secret agent I killed back then—no, even better!"

"When I killed the female secret agent back then, I was severely wounded too, I almost died!"

"I can’t win against her in this battle, that’s why I surrender!"

Teng She’s words felt like thunderbolts struck through everyone.

His high opinion of Yun Jian swept waves within the spectators.

Yun Jian was better than the international secret agent whom he had killed?!

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