The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 338 - Emerging First, Surrounding Her

Chapter 338 - Emerging First, Surrounding Her

The international female secret agent who Teng She killed was considerably an elite said to rank top fifty in the secret agent chart!

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That was global, to rank top fifty on the assassin or secret agent chart was already tremendous as there were plenty of them in the world. To rank top ten in either of the charts, the layman phrase would be freaks crawling out from the corpse mountain.

These twenty people who were top ten in the assassin and secret agent ranking were all devils with blood dripping from their hands.

These were people whom the gang members present in the tea party would never think about. It was not like they had it in them to encounter any of these people since the latter were at the top of the world.

Hence, Teng She who had killed an international female secret agent received the reverence of everyone as someone who was undoubtedly powerful.

Today, however, this elite, Teng She, was saying that Yun Jian’s skill was better than the secret agent whom he almost died killing.

Who dared fight with Yun Jian now given the scenario?

If, in addition, they knew that Yun Jian was the crème of the crème among the twenty devilish presences, they would probably be scared witless.

"As for whether I’m a coward, boss, I, Teng She, am never a coward! But I’m also not one to play with my life, so I admit defeat in this battle round!" Teng She told Long Youcheng with a palm cupping his fist before he turned to leave the ring heading for the guest area.

Teng She’s words shocked Long Youcheng, but his rather sculpted face instantly wore a hint of menace.

"Cough, since Teng She surrenders this round, Slaying Luo wins!" The host continued to emcee the event.

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Yun Jian still had to fight the members of other gangs although she defeated Teng She in the first round. However, with Teng She as the precedence, those who met Yun Jian assumed bad luck and surrendered as well.

Come on, how would they dare brace themselves against her when this was a woman not even Teng She could fight? Were they on a suicide mission?

Therefore, Yun Jian cinched first placing in the martial round without even working a muscle!

Emerging first in the martial prowess event simultaneously meant that Falcon Hall had topped Green Tiger Hall this year and became the overall champion of the tea party.

The first place!

Due to Qing You’s outstanding marksmanship in the first round and Yun Jian’s first placing in this round, Falcon Hall was undeniably the overall champion.

The result flabbergasted everyone and put a glower on Long Youcheng.

Initially, he had made the bet with the plan that Yun Jian and her Falcon Hall would never go through to the top ten. Now? Falcon Hall replaced Green Tiger Gang in becoming the champion of this tea party contest!

Yun Jian who didn’t do much at all, returned to her place. She was not in a hurry to get seated but she looked over to Long Youcheng with her pretty eyes and asked, "Does the wager with Boss Long earlier still count?"

Long Youcheng looked thoroughly pissed. He was embarrassed in front of everyone for a woman! Furthermore, the woman was only a city level mafia boss yet she dared be relentless.

Truth was, Long Youcheng had never planned to keep his side of the promise. He sprang up with a slap on the table almost at the same time Yun Jian finished speaking, pointing at her, and said with the pride of a mafia boss who reigned the northern region, "I’ve never not gotten a woman I want! Surround her!"

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