The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 34 - Depot Leng’s Young Master

Chapter 34 - Depot Leng’s Young Master

Mu Xiang dropped to the ground in shock. Shaking, she kept crying aloud, "Someone – someone’s dead..."

She was only an ordinary student, never having seen a dead person. Furthermore, this dead man was in a terrible state lying in a pool of blood...

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For a moment, Mu Xiang had completely forgotten that she was here to teach Yun Jian a lesson, for she was now filled with endless terror and panic.

"Too noisy," the gorgeous man spat two words with a slight frown.

His dazzling eyes raked past Mu Xiang impatiently to stop on Yun Jian with a smirk.

Was this girl not afraid? Interesting!

While the gorgeous boy studied her, Yun Jian scrutinized him as well but her gaze was mostly on Enchantress.

In her past life, she was the Slaying God who ranked first among the secret agents, whilst the Enchantress was ranked tenth. Anyone among the top ten secret agents was certainly no easy target.

In spite of it, this man could pursue the Enchantress and forced the usually sly character to an impasse. It was apparent that he, too, was a tough character!

As the gorgeous boy scanned Yun Jian, he raised his arm slowly gripping the newest Browning silencer pistol in his fair, long fingers. His eyes were on Yun Jian but the pistol was aimed at the Enchantress.

"Die, if you refuse to hand it over." The statement was simple. The gorgeous man spoke before pressing his lips together, his beautiful features were inexplicably domineering.

Yun Jian narrowed her eyes as she stared at the Enchantress, taking in how her expression shifted when she saw that the pistol was precisely pointed at her.

The Enchantress paled immediately.

She did not know where this boy of nineteen or twenty years old came from. She only knew that this person was from the world’s strongest armaments family, Depot Leng. There was no other way of knowing his details.

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The Depot Leng was an armaments organization. Its standard of weaponry was higher than a developed nation and even surpasses secret agents or assassination organizations. Nevertheless, Depot Leng had always kept to itself without drawing unnecessary attention.

The fact was that the gorgeous boy was from Depot Leng; he was also Depot Leng’s young master, the future heir to it.

His name was Si Yi.

It was also within reason that the Enchantress paled when she saw Si Yi lifting the pistol.

The middle-aged man who was lying dead in a pool of his own blood was the secret agent who ranked sixth internationally, Deft.Tiger. This person was incredibly capable and courageous, famed for his speed and agility.

However, a person like this was killed by Si Yi, by one singular shot!

If Deft.Tiger who was known for his speed and agility could not fight Si Yi, could the Enchantress survive?

"Wait! I’ll give it to you!" The Enchantress surrendered. There was no way she would swap her life for the completion of her mission; biting her lips, she tossed what she had been guarding in her hands to Si Yi.

Si Yi’s long and lean hand caught what the Enchantress threw. His dark eyes then studied the object in his grasp attentively.

While his attention was occupied, the Enchantress held her wound and fled the place speedily.

Yun Jian’s eyes widened at once.

"The sandalwood box..." She uttered softly.

What the Enchantress had been guarding so adamantly just now was the sandalwood box!

Her rebirth had been due to the sandalwood box, so was her baby brother’s death!

She had thought that her previous life’s body and the sandalwood box was nowhere to be found upon her revival but who would have guessed that she would encounter it here!

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