The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 342 - An Hun’s Leader. Returning To Longmen City

Chapter 342 - An Hun’s Leader. Returning To Longmen City

When Yun Jian and Si Yi left the tea party and Ya Dang was about to end Long Youcheng by grabbing him up, a meek male voice suddenly spoke up from the venue.

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It was directed toward Ya Dang. "Are you one of the four commanders in An Hu, Ya Dang?"

There were only four commanders in An Hun Group, Ya Dang, Mo Sen, Snow Eagle, and Lin Wei. Other than An Hun’s leader, these four people were the highest ranked members of the organization. Each of them had their respective duties and each of them was parallel to the top three of those in the international assassin and secret agent rankings!

Lin Wei was tasked to train An Hun’s assassin, so he was the most mysterious one out of the four, while Snow Eagle made appearances here and there on behalf of An Hun’s leader. As for Ya Dang and Mosen, they escorted the leader who was said to be powerful but had never shown himself.

The timid male voice came from a middle-aged man who looked frail and weak. He had the understanding that one of the four An Hun commanders, Ya Dang, was ill-tempered, matching this man before him, thus voicing out the question.

It, however, sounded like a thunderbolt to everyone there and choked breaths out of them.

These were gang members. All of them had certainly heard of the four commanders of An Hun Group.

Even Qing You could not help shuddering.

Ya Dang and Mo Sen were people constantly around An Hun’s leader. They never submitted to anyone but there was one man who could command their obedience and receive their willing submission.

That man was An Hun’s leader!

In that case, could the man who looked to be nineteen years of age be An Hun’s leader himself?!


Elsewhere, Yun Jian and Si Yi had left the tea party and hopped into Si Yi’s Lamborghini.

Once they got into the car, Si Yi grabbed Yun Jian’s wrist. His eyes were narrowed, bright orbs reflecting an overwhelming sense of possessiveness.

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"If you meet those types of people in the future, kill them directly. I’m here if anything happens!" He blinked, his gaze at Yun Jian slowly turning tender.

There was still seething anger lacing his words, however.

Whether it was Shen Yan back then or Long Youcheng now, they were not allowed to covet his woman!

Never had Si Yi wanted so much to wrap a woman up to prevent others from seeing all that was good of her. He loathed women since he was a child—until he met her.

In fact, Si Yi was someone who would never like someone or something once he decided he did not like them. However, once he showed a positive preference, it would not change for life.

It was understandable that he was truly infuriated just now.

He wore a slight frown, somehow still a handsome look on that dashing face.

Suddenly, a cool hand smoothed between his brows, pressing the crease away. Yun Jian met eyes with Si Yi feeling her own heartbeat. She pressed her lips together, although it only served to make her look more ravishing.

"Mm," she hummed through her pressed lips, going near him.

Looking at the pair of red lips that was so close to him, Si Yi swallowed, his throat parched. With a tilt of head, he captured the lips with his own.

Yun Jian responded to him in equal passion. Perhaps, there was already a place for Si Yi in her heart.


When their lips parted, Yun Jian’s head hung with pink staining her face while Si Yi drove with a genuine smile.

The car sped on the highway back to Longmen City like a strike of lightning.

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