The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 343 - Yun Yi’s Visit And Qing You’s Image

Chapter 343 - Yun Yi’s Visit And Qing You’s Image

After Yun Jian and Si Yi got back to Longmen City, Qing You and Xu Zetian arrived shortly as well.

Qing You currently rented a suite in Longmen City and stayed there for now.

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Not long after Si Yi returned to Longmen City, the two commanders of An Hun came as well and visited in the villa as Si Yi’s friends.

The otherwise empty villa turned lively instantly.

Dong Ruan had no idea about Ya Dang and Mo Sen’s identity, genuinely believing that they were her nephew’s friends, so she greeted them with warmth.

In the morning, Yun Jian took her brother, Yun Yi, to meet Zhang Shaofeng for their morning run and forced Zhang Shaofeng into training his flexibility. The boy sweated profusely through it but in order to learn new tricks, he clenched his jaw and persevered. Yun Jian stretched her brother as well and the latter endured it without any cry of pain.

As the morning progressed, Zhang Shaofeng and Yun Yi were already soaked in sweat. Before they left, Zhang Shaofeng told Yun Jian, "Master, the fancy dinner I told you about the last time, it’s held at 6 pm next Saturday. You have to come okay!"

He then turned to grin at Yun Yi. "Heh, junior brother, you have to come too. It’s set! No backing out!"

Since Yun Yi and Zhang Shaofeng ran together and trained with Yun Jian, they slowly became familiar with each other.

"Rude, how are you calling me junior brother?" Yun Yi was not peeved either, looking like he was going to throw a punch at the grinning Zhang Shaofeng who was beaming.

"You can’t get me! You can’t get me! Hehe, I’m out!" Zhang Shaofeng hopped away playfully and sprinted a short distance away before turning to bid Yun Jian and Yun Yi goodbye.

After that, he hooked his jacket over his shoulder and ran away with his lengthy 180cm height.

"What a child," Yun Jian could not help exclaiming before turning to glance at Yun Yi. "Ge, let’s go home too."

"Hold on, Xiao Jian." Yun Yi kept his smile and hesitated for a bit looking at Yun Jian. "Xiao Jian, you know the girl that day, right?"

Back when he was drugged by Chen Yubing and nearly let her have her ways, it was fortunate that Qing You saved him. It had been a long time that he had since seen her after that day.

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Actually, Qing You adorable baby-face would appear in Yun Yi’s mind each time he closed his eyes recently. From Yun Jian and Qing You’s interaction that day, it was obvious that his sister knew the girl, so he decided to ask her.

"Mm, yes." Yun Jian was stunned for a beat before she suddenly snapped out of it. When she looked at her brother again, there were two pink blushes on his cheeks.

"She’s staying at Hutou Alley of West Street..." Yun Jian provided an address in detail and blinked like she did not know anything.

"Is there an issue, Yun Yi?" Like an oblivious child, Yun Jian asked Yun Yi.

"Hmm? Oh, no—nothing." Yun Yi waved and spread his long legs to walk ahead.

Yun Yi was already planning to go look for Qing You.

With a crescent-eyed smile, Yun Jian followed with a wide stride.

In the afternoon, Qing You was alone at home. She rented the suite and lavishly set up a color television in the living room.

Calabash Brothers, popular in 1998, was playing on the color television.

"Grandpa, grandpa..." The voice that rang from the television elicited a laugh from Qing You as she helped herself with melon seeds. It was an image that vastly contrasted with her usual self and that baby-face of hers.


Her doorbell rang.

"Who is it?" Qing You spat the melon seed shell and raised her voice to ask.

She was currently surrounded by a floor of melon seed shells that she had spat, her room an utter mess. It was nothing neat like what a girl should maintain.

The doorbell had rung for some time now, so she could only toss the pillow she hugged on the couch and reluctantly dragged her slippered feet to open the door.

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