The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 344 - Cleaning Up For You And Picking Up Yun Zhu

Chapter 344 - Cleaning Up For You And Picking Up Yun Zhu

"Stop pressing, I’m coming! Tsk, so annoying, I was at the best part! Little Calabash’s brother’s grandpa was caught..." Qing You muttered as she trudged to open the door.

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Since she was at home, she was only wearing a short-sleeved dress that did not go past her knees. She had thick socks on her feet and a relatively cute-looking pink jacket dr.a.p.ed.

As she mumbled, she opened the door and saw who it was at it.

Her murmur stopped instantly at that.

Yun Yi stood at the door in a blue thick down jacket that added a dashing vibe to him.

Qing You froze on the spot the moment she saw Yun Yi as she turned mute as well.

"Ah! You—why are you here!" After a few beats of silence, Qing You shrieked before she shouted softly.

Then, she realized that she was dressed too exposed and casual. There was always a sense of exposure when you wore less than usual on a cold winter day, but Qing You was only dressed like this because she was home.

She thought that the one knocking the door was Yun Jian because the latter was the only one who knew that she stayed here. That was why she opened the door without a care.

Who would have thought that it was not her Sister Jian at the door but Yun Yi!

Once she saw Yun Yi, she was reminded of them hugging together as she bared herself to cure Yun Yi of the drug. Her face flushed instantly as blood rushed to her cheeks, making them bright in pink.

She did it to help Yun Yi remedy the poison. It was not like she could help it.

He was drugged with an extremely potent aphrodisiac after all. She could only take off her clothes to balance Yun Yi’s temperature with her body warmth before feeding him the antidote to cure the drug.

Qing You’s methods had always been different. She came up with them herself.

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When Yun Yi said that he was going to take responsibility, Qing You did not think much of it. Was he here now, standing at her door, because of it?

"Can I come in?" Yun Yi smiled politely, warm and soothing like a fresh wave of a spring breeze.

"Huh? No—no, you can’t!" Qing You was suddenly reminded of the mess acc.u.mulating in her house and stretched her hands standing on her tiptoes to block Yun Yi’s peering gaze.

"I’ll come in then." Opting to not hear what Qing You said, Yun Yi beamed as he made his way into Qing You’s suite—only to see the unkempt couch, a floor of melon seed shells, and shoes strewn all over the shoe cabinet.

Yun Yi was speechless.

"Grandpa, grandpa, grandpa..." Calabash Brother’s cries came from the television.

Qing You blushed immediately, lowering her head like her little secret was exposed.

"Cough, your, uh, house, is a little messy. I’ll clean it up for you." Yun Yi coughed dryly and headed for the mountainous mess.

Qing You who was still rooted to her spot hung her head even lower with the blush expanding to her entire face.


A week passed in a flash.

In the blink of an eye, it was already the day before the fancy dinner that Zhang Shaofeng had mentioned.

On Friday, Yun Jian was dismissed from school early on a rare occasion, so she went to Yun Zhu’s school to pick the boy up on behalf of Qing Yirou.

She felt a wave of comfort once she thought that Yun Zhu could now go to school like a normal kid.

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