The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 345 - Unwavering Xiao Zhu And An Ostentatious Woman

Chapter 345 - Unwavering Xiao Zhu And An Ostentatious Woman

Yun Zhu was now studying in first grade in the best elementary school of Longmen City, Wuning Yi Elementary School.

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Wuning Yi Elementary School was the best school in Longmen City, much like Longmen Yi Junior High School and Di Yi Senior High School that Yun Jian and Yun Yi were respectively studying in.

Yun Jian took a bus and arrived at the school gate of Wuning Yi Elementary School.

She was just dismissed from school, so she still carried a shoulder bag, coming straight to pick up Yun Zhu before she could do anything about it

This was a public school with a high quality teaching faculty. Those who could enroll in it were, of course, wealthy folks.

Once the kids were dismissed from school, their parents picked them up at the classroom doors.

Traffic was busy outside the school gate. In 1998, it was more common to see parents picking their children up on bicycles. There were those with motorcycles too but they were the minority. As for the cars parked there, the number could be counted with one hand.

Hence, the parents who were picking their children up in cars liked driving into the school ground to flash the symbol of their wealth.

Yun Jian took the public bus here, not preferring to pick up Yun Zhu with her high profile Ferrari sports car.

Children this age were still in elementary school but there was already the trend of jumping on bandwagons in class. It was especially clear in kids whose parents had taught to play only with their rich classmates since a young age. This way, their children would benefit from the friend’s wealthy background as well.

In spite of it, Yun Jian did not want her younger brother to become the kid in class who was befriended for his money.

Trailing after the parents into the gate of Wuning Yi Elementary School, Yun Jian arrived at Yun Zhu’s class shortly.

A prominent triangular plate hung on the outside of the classroom door printed with a few large red words—Class 1.

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This was the class that Yun Zhu was in. With her bag across her shoulder, Yun Jian walked there, looking in from the window at the corridor, and saw little Yun Zhu sitting up straight at the first row with his eyes trained on the teacher.

It was not yet dismissal time but parents crowded outside classrooms for their children.

Yun Zhu was not tall, so he was seated in the first row. Yun Jian could spot his little head clearly from the corridor outside.

The teacher seemed to have said "dismiss" as the kids in the classroom packed up their bags like a hurricane swept over them.

Little Yun Zhu packed up his bag and stuck his head out, quickly spotting Yun Jian. Filled with delighted surprise that she was the one who was picking him up, he ran out with his bag immediately.

"Jiejie!" Yun Zhu barreled into Yun Jian’s embrace.

"Did Xiao Zhu listen to the teacher well today?" Yun Jian petted his head and took over his bag, asking.

Yun Zhu shook his head and looked up at her stubbornly only for Yun Jian to see tears running down his small puffy cheeks.

"What’s wrong?" With a frown, Yun Jian squatted down to ask Yun Zhu who looked unwavering with tear tracks on his face.

"Are you Yun Zhu’s elder sister?" A voice suddenly rang from the side.

Turning around, Yun Jian saw the female teacher who had been standing in front of the classroom coming to her. An ostentatious-looking woman stood beside the teacher, holding a fair and fat boy in her hand.

Before Yun Jian said anything to the teacher, the woman beside said teacher broke out condemning her with a finger pointed at Yun Zhu.

"You’re his elder sister? Humph, great. You didn’t know that your brother shoved my son without a reason today, yeah? And he scratched my son’s hand too! What is wrong with your brother? My son’s so precious, are you able to make up for the loss!"

With a hand on the fat fair boy, the woman shouted at Yun Jian overbearingly.

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