The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 347 - Check The Video Surveillance. I’ll Make You Pay

Chapter 347 - Check The Video Surveillance. I’ll Make You Pay

Perhaps it was because he was spoiled from being coddled since a young age, Wang Ba did not step back in fear, but took a step out like his mother and raised his voice at Yun Jian boldly, "I’m not bluffing. Humph, it’s Yun Zhu who pushed me! He’s crazy!"

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Wang Ba jabbed a fat finger at Yun Zhu and continued shouting his accusation, "I heard that Yun Zhu’s a bastard without a father. Hmph, it’s me who brought candies today. He pushed me and snatched my sweets, I—"

Slap! Uncaring that Wang Ba was just an elementary school student, Yun Jian stepped forward and swung a harsh slap on him.

Saying Yun Zhu had no father stung said boy. His eyes brimming with tears that he had been holding resolutely reddened.

When Yun Jian found Yun Zhu in their past life, their parents were already dead while Yun Zhu had been bullied as an orphan. The loss of their parents had always been the boy’s wound.

Whoever it was, even if it was only a small boy of eight or nine years old, Yun Jian would not allow him to rub salt into Yun Zhu’s wound.

"Ah! Ah! Ow, mommy, it hurts!" Wang Ba who was given a slap collapsed to the ground with a thud, wailing and shrieking immediately.

"Oh my baby, my baby, how are you..." Wang Ba’s mother frantically went to help her son up.

After that, she gave Yun Jian a dirty look and pounced toward her.

"You little b*tch! How dare you hit my son! Do you know how precious he is! My son is nothing like that bastard brother of yours! You!" Wang Ba’s mother was flinging herself toward Yun Jian.

Grabbing Yun Zhu, Yun Jian made a side step. As Wang Ba’s mother sprang forth and missed Yun Jian, she fell flat to the floor.

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"Wang Ba’s mommy, are you alright?" Miss Lu who was comforting Wang Ba ran over to check Wang Ba’s mother once she saw it.

Wang Ba’s father was the school director! He had just donated a batch of books to the school recently and the principal had specifically told her to take good care of Wang Ba.

It was not going to turn out pretty if something happened to Wang Ba in school!

"You wretch! Do you want to die?" Wang Ba’s mother who was helped up from the floor by Miss Lu looked like a drowned mouse. She exploded in rage, her eyes at Yun Jian looked like she wanted to tear Yun Jian into bits.

"CCTV," Yun Jian told Wang Ba’s mother and Miss Lu with an icy smirk when she saw that the former stopped coming for her.

"What?" Both women could not quite catch what she meant.

"We’ll know after checking the video surveillance. Whether your son picked a fight with my brother or my brother bullied your son for no reason," Yun Jian said, staring back at the piteous Wang Ba’s mother dauntlessly.

There was a pause before she continued, "Don’t blame me for not reminding you. If your son’s the one who accused my brother, I’ll make you pay for it!"

Yun Jian’s gaze turned piercing, giving the rest of them shudders.

Closed-circuit televisions were rare in this era, some people did not even know what they were.

However, Wuning Yi Elementary School’s facilities were more advanced, so every classroom was equipped with a CCTV camera. This was the reason Yun Jian sent his brother here to school after finding out this fact.

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