The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 349 - Two Options, Just Joking

Chapter 349 - Two Options, Just Joking

Miss Lu who stood beside Wang Ba’s mother blanched at once.

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However much she trusted Wang Ba just now and felt that Yun Zhu must be in the wrong, she looked appalled right now.

"Brat, looks like I’ll have to rip your mouth off!" While everyone was stunned by the surveillance footage on the computer, Yun Jian suddenly made her way to Wang Ba and acted like she was really going to rip his mouth.

"Ah! Mommy! Ah, I’m scared!" Only a child, Wang Ba felt his heart nearly stopping from Yun Jian’s threat as he shrieked and flung himself to his mother.

Actually, Yun Jian was not really going to do it. She just wanted to scare the lying spoiled child.

It was because her baby brother was bullied. From the video, he was shoved but he returned the gesture. From the looks of it, he had the upper hand.

As for the kids who lied and told the teacher that it was Yun Zhu who started it, they were probably bought over by Wang Ba. It was nothing surprising. Most kids in school were taught by their parents to attach themselves to the rich and powerful.

Parents who did their all to send their kids here to school just wanted their kids to have more friends who were from wealthy and influential backgrounds. Wang Ba seemed to come from an affluent household, so he probably promised something to make all the classmates stand on his side. It was not impossible.

Wang Ba’s mother took her boy into her arms and gave Yun Jian a death glare like she was going to maim her in the next second.

"So what if my son really wanted to have your brother’s sweet? Humph, poor kids like you, you should feel honored that my son even wanted something from you!" Wang Ba’s mother looked at Yun Jian unrepentantly.

She did not even know what regret was. The reason she dared to shout at both Yun Jian and Yun Zhu was also none other than because both of them were not dressed very lavishly.

Usual rich families liked dressing their children up in luxury brands from head to toe, like her son Wang Ba!

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Looking at Yun Jian and Yun Zhu, they were not poorly dressed but they dressed very plain without any branded pieces. Her son did also say that Yun Zhu was a bastard without a father—how rich could a kid like this be?

Hence, Wang Ba’s mother had not planned to be courteous to Yun Jian since the beginning.

"Apologize," Yun Jian said impatiently to Wang Ba after a glance at the watch on her wrist that she had bought not too long ago.

"What?" Wang Ba’s mother gaped her mouth on behalf of her son, as if she was being told something new for the first time.

"I’m giving you two choices. First, have your son apologize to my brother right now." Yun Jian side-eyed her, suddenly looking a little eerie.

Miss Lu was frightened, affecting Wang Ba’s mother beside her as she gulped and pressed her bright red lips like a monkey’s b.u.t.t. "And second?"

"I’ll kill you!" Yun Jian suddenly stretched her hand and retrieved her butterfly knife in front of everyone before tossing it toward the head of Wang Ba’s mother.

It was so speedy that no one could react. By the time their reflex caught up, Wang Ba’s mother could feel her heart at her throat.

Brushing past her hair, the butterfly knife cut some of it off before rebounding on a steel box and returned to Yun Jian’s grip.

"Ah!" It thoroughly petrified Wang Ba’s mother.

Everyone else who was there watched Yun Jian’s trick with widened eyes and dropped jaws.

Then, the girl was heard saying nonchalantly, "Just joking."

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