The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 350 - I Can’t Hear It. She Wants Justice

Chapter 350 - I Can’t Hear It. She Wants Justice

What Yun Jian did almost made everyone pass out from the scare but what she said after that shuddered them.

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Just joking?

Who joked around by throwing a butterfly knife at someone’s head?

Despite that, Wang Ba, Wang Ba’s mother, and Miss Lu did not dare make a sound. They sensed a sliver of murderous intent from Yun Jian. In addition, the girl could fetch the butterfly knife using the environment around her to bounce it back after throwing it. Such a skill was unlikely a coincidence!

"So are you apologizing now?" Yun Jian tilted her head, easily threatening Wang Ba’s mother as she looked at her leisurely while holding Yun Zhu.

Said woman could not help gulping. Her hand that was holding Wang Ba twitched and ultimately gave a nudge to her son from fear, quickly losing edge.

Wang Ba’s mother nudged her son, glancing at Yun Jian in terror, like she had not yet recovered from the initial fright. "Ba’er, apolo—apologize!"

Wang Ba’s mother was a bully, picking on the weak and scared of the strong. It felt like her soul left her when Yun Jian played with the butterfly knife just now. Her son was important but comparing her life to her son’s pride, of course she was more important!

Wang Ba was also petrified. He was just a first grader after all, already terrorized when Yun Jian threatened him just now.

"Sor...sorry..." Prodded by his mother, Wang Ba uttered the word soft like a mosquito.

"Xiao Zhu, can you hear him?" Yun Jian squatted down to look at little Yun Zhu in his pink cheeks. She could not help stroking his head as she asked gently.

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"I can’t hear it, jiejie, it’s so soft!" Yun Zhu covered his ears, his pink cheeks gaining color and radiance, as he pulled a funny face at Wang Ba.

"Stupid Yun Zhu, you..." Wang Ba fumed the moment he saw that. Just as he gripped his fat knuckles to wave it at Yun Zhu in a threat, Yun Jian’s words went over it.

"Did you hear? My brother says he can’t hear you." Yun Jian turned to side-eye Wang Ba, toying with the butterfly knife in her hand as she wore an evil smirk.

Her action sent tremors to everyone around again, especially Wang Ba’s mother. She was already terrified when she saw Yun Jian toying the butterfly knife and was currently shook, lading a slap on her son’s head.

"Ba’er, louder! Quick!"

She was afraid that the butterfly knife in Yun Jian’s hand would leave her grip and flew toward her again. Shaking with trepidation, she urged her son.

It was Wang Ba’s first time to be hit so hard on the head by his mother. Aggrieved, tears rolled off his eyes as his voice came out in a stammer.

Looking at Yun Zhu, he said loudly, "So—so—sorry!"

He had never been humiliated like this before!

"If I find out that you bully my brother again the next time, you better know what’s going to happen!" Yun Jian scoffed. Without another glance at Wang Ba, she held Yun Zhu’s hand and left the surveillance room.

Wang Ba’s mother let out a breath she did not know she was holding. Shakily holding her son, she ran for the exit without greeting Miss Lu.

Of course, she was indignant but Wang Ba’s mother also knew that she was not Yun Jian’s opponent. Her man was just at the entrance, however, and he would be able to get justice for her and her son!

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