The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 352 - That’s Our Car, With Conceit

Chapter 352 - That’s Our Car, With Conceit

Hearing Wang Ba’s mother talk to the middle-aged man in a dramatized coquettish and cutesy tone, Yun Jian felt goosebumps rise all over.

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The man was now checking her out in a derisive gaze, looking despising like he was looking at a beggar.

"You’re the one who bullied my woman and son?" the man taunted looking at Yun Jian.

Holding Yun Zhu, Yun Jian looked up slightly at the middle-aged man and said nothing with a small smile.

This man was Wang Ba’s father, Wang Wugui.

Wang Wugui was an employee in a large enterprise. Having worked a few years there, he had gotten several promotions as well, thinking that he was already the level of a big boss, thus he was always observing how people dressed when he came across them.

Noting that Yun Jian was dressed plainly and Yun Zhu wore no branded pieces at all, he was unafraid.

"Hah." Yun Jian sneered with her arms crossed in front of her c.h.e.s.t. The small smirk on her made her look like she was looking at an idiot.

These three people were really one family, checking out what she was wearing once they met first. Yun Jian was very well aware of their actions.

"Laugh—what are you laughing at!" With the advantage of being taller and bigger in size, Wang Wugui rolled up his sleeves and was about to go toward Yun Jian when he was stopped by his wife.

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"Darling, you can’t go over. The girl’s unusual, she seems to know a little martial arts!" Wang Ba’s mother tugged Wang Wugui back but she stepped forward to Yun Jian instead.

With her husband here, it was like she was not as scared of Yun Jian anymore.

Wang Ba’s mother had completely forgotten about what happened in the surveillance room earlier too as she tipped her chin arrogantly to meet eyes with Yun Jian in an incredibly pompous gaze.

She suddenly pointed at a small Santana parked nearby and showed it off to Yun Jian, "Hah, little girl, you aren’t stopping until an irreversible defeat, are you! Humph, see it? That’s our car, do you have a car? Heh, youngsters these days, they like to act like they’re good and rich but their family is worth nothing!"

Wang Ba’s mother was alluding to Yun Jian.

She was not foolish. She would not ask her husband to fight Yun Jian. Coming over to the girl was just so she could avenge her grudge earlier by deriding her.

Wang Ba’s mother thought that impoverished young people nowadays just loved acting like they were wealthy and to her, Yun Jian was one of them.

Her husband, Wang Wugui, actually had a high position in his company. After all, households that could afford a car in this era could be counted in one hand.

Usually, Wang Wugui and their family were often seen driving around in their Santana to boast but tracking it down, their car was bought in New Cruise.

When Yun Jian kept quiet, Wang Ba’s mother thought that she was stunned by the fact that Santana belonged to them. It made the woman gloat as she tooted her horn, "Hah, do you know the famous New Cruise company? That’s the best car dealership! We bought our car there!"

There was somehow a sense of conceit when Wang Ba’ mother said it.

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