The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 353 - Si Yi-gege. Best Slap Ever

Chapter 353 - Si Yi-gege. Best Slap Ever

Since the auto show, New Cruise made a name for itself in the industry.

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Zhang Zhifan had his hands full recently, so occupied that he did not even have time to hire more people. Yun Jian was only responsible for bigger and more important matters, leaving everything else to Zhang Zhifan—although she went to New Cruise too during the weekend to check on them.

Despite that, it was quite amusing to hear the name of her company from Wang Ba’s mother.

This was her company. When the woman bought her family car from Yun Jian’s company, she came to brag about it to her?

"Oh." Yun Jian held back from laughing. It was the first time for her to be interested in knowing what expression Wang Ba’s mother would wear if she found out that her car was bought from her company.

"Have you ever heard of New Cruise? It’s New Cruise! My car came from there! Humph, but poor kids like you wouldn’t have the chance to know these things," Wang Ba’s mother said, her tone going softer, as she tilted her head and side-eyed Yun Jian with brimming contempt.

"Jiejie, what’s New Cruise? Can you eat it?" Yun Zhu was only a child, asking with his head up and bobbing as he enjoyed his lollipop.

Wang Ba’s mother was even more certain that Yun Jian and Yun Zhu were impoverished children when she heard the question.

She was suddenly reminded of how Yun Jian caused her embarrassment in the surveillance room, so Wang Ba’s mother trained her eyes on Yun Jian and continued attacking her with what she assumed was gratifying.

"Oh, look, your brother doesn’t even know what’s New Cruise! Do you not know it too? Hah, beggarly kids like you won’t compare to us! So shallow in knowledge!"

As if grasping the chance to humiliate Yun Jian, Wang Ba’s mother raised her volume and shouted, like she was afraid of the passersby not knowing what happened. Just after she made her last remark, a sharp brake was heard from the road.

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The sports car had a loud engine and could be heard from a long distance away. It seemed to be driven at a high speed. When they could see it, it was already parked at the side of the road sloping down near them.

In 1998 when cars were still rare luxuries, no more was needed to be said about sports cars.

Wang Ba’s mother and her family snapped their head to look once they heard the noise. She even thought of using the sports car that had suddenly made its appearance to continue boasting to Yun Jian and render her speechless so she felt even more humiliated.

Yun Jian was also looking toward the sports car before she narrowed her eyes after a pause.

"Hah, haven’t seen it, have you? That’s a sports car! Do you know what a sports car is..." Wang Ba’s mother pointed at the vehicle and was going to crow about how knowledgeable she was?

Suddenly, Yun Zhu swung Yun Jian’s hand off and skipped excitedly to the young man who came out from the Lamborghini, calling out, "Si Yi-gege..."

Spreading his long legs after getting out of the Lamborghini sports car, Si Yi’s flawlessly handsome face then came into view.

When he saw Yun Zhu prancing toward him, he carried the boy up.

Wang Ba’s mother, Wang Wugui, and their son were dumbfounded.

At that moment, they felt like a bucket of iced water was tipped over their head drenching and freezing them.

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