The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 354 - Not Taking Any Business From You

Chapter 354 - Not Taking Any Business From You

What was going on?

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Wang Wugui and his wife’s immediate reaction to the sports car that made an abrupt appearance was genuine envy.

They could afford a small car but that did not mean they were anywhere near touching a sports car, especially in this era where there were not many at all in a city who could buy a car. Moreover, sports cars guzzled up gas much more than usual cars.

In other words, even if Wang Ba’s family was able to buy a sports car or someone gave them one for free, they would not be able to keep up with its maintenance with the high fuel consumption of a sports car.

However, Wang Ba’s mother had blown her trumpet many times just for owning a car when others did not.

Although she could not state what car it was when she saw the deluxe Lamborghini, she could distinguish the characteristics of a sports car, so it was not surprising that Wang Wugui and her were both filled with envy.

When Wang Ba’s mother bragged about her knowledge to Yun Jian just now, it was also to create an illusion that she was someone who could afford a sports car.

It never crossed her mind that Yun Zhu knew the young man who drove it!

Glancing back at Si Yi, he was already making his way to Yun Jian carrying Yun Zhu.

"What’s the matter?" With a frown in place on his cold expression, Si Yi’s deep eyes scanned Wang Ba’s family like a hawk as he asked Yun Jian.

"Nothing, just some flies making noises around my ears," Yun Jian answered waving a hand around her like she was driving the flies away.

"Flies?" Si Yi asked with an arched brow.

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Wang Ba’s mother s.u.c.k.e.d in a breath at Si Yi’s good looks. When she saw he was speaking up again, she thought that he would be saying something more impartial.

Unexpectedly, Si Yi petted Yun Zhu’s head and with a raise of brows, he replied, "Since it’s just a bunch of flies, just kill them."

He looked amiable but the words that left his lips were more terrifying than Yun Jian’s earlier action.

Wang Ba’s mother, Wang Wugui and Wang Ba felt cold sweat trickling down their back at that.

Why were youngsters who turned up today more brutal than another?

Due to the embarrassment they had caused themselves, Wang Ba’s family intended to turn and flee, no longer wanting to linger around.

Yun Jian’s cold and dark voice rang from their back, "I remember your car registration plate. New Cruise will not be taking any business from you from now on!"

The owner’s real name and other details could be obtained through a certain channel from the car registration plate, prompting Yun Jian to say what she did.


Wang Ba’s father, Wang Wugui, who was planning to flee the scene as unnoticeable as possible despite his big size went back to Yun Jian, growling menacingly, "Why should New Cruise listen to you? Who do you think you are? Asking New Cruise not to take our business just like that?"

"Because she’s New Cruise’s director!"

Somewhere along the conversation, an expensive Audi stopped by the road as Zhang Zhifan slipped out of it, catching what Wang Wugui said just in time. He stalked over angrily and told Wang Wugui, stepping up in front of Yun Jian.

His words pulled a violent twitch from Wang Wugui’s eyes.

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