The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 357 - With The Goal Of Marriage. Before The Evening Party

Chapter 357 - With The Goal Of Marriage. Before The Evening Party

"Si Yi-gege, you’re really shameless!" When Yun Zhu saw Si Yi holding on to Yun Jian’s wrist, he raised both of his hands and clapped.

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He had filed the word as a compliment to others and he clapped because the teachers in school taught him that they should clap when they gave compliments.

When he saw Si Yi holding Yun Jian’s wrist, he clapped out of habit to ’compliment’ him.

Si Yi was speechless.

With a glover, he held onto Yun Jian’s wrist with one hand while circled Yun Zhu with another to carry him up and made his way to the Lamborghini.

After ’tossing’ both of them into the car, Si Yi started the engine and the car sped off like a strike of lightning, gone in the blink of an eye.

Returning home, Yun Zhu carried his bag to the study room on the first floor to do his homework without needing to be told while Si Yi went upstairs still holding Yun Jian’s hand.

Just as they left Yun Zhu’s field of vision, Si Yi pressed Yun Jian against the corner of the wall using the advantage of his height.

"What are you doing?" Yun Jian asked with a squirm but was still trapped under the young man.

"Something a shameless person should be doing, of course!" Si Yi smirked with an arch of his brow before leaning down...


Feeling her breath knocked out of her from being kissed, Yun Jian found herself enjoying it. They had only parted when oxygen became a necessity.

"Be mine." Si Yi declared dominantly as he wrapped his arms around Yun Jian, standing at the corner of the wall. His words were not in the form of a question but a statement.

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Burying her face against Si Yi’s c.h.e.s.t and indulging herself in his light fragrance, Yun Jian could not help but nod.

Si Yi wore a handsome smirk. They had confirmed their status now.

Keeping herself in Si Yi’s embrace, Yun Jian’s eyes were cast down but the pink tint of her cheeks reflected her current emotion.

Si Yi wound his arms around Yun Jian tighter upon the girl’s promise.

He had always been someone who was decisive and resolute. He hated women back then, so he had never planned to look for a partner nor considered it. However, he was certain that this was not puppy love of adolescents when he had decided to love someone.

He was courting Yun Jian with the goal of marriage!

Having no idea how she promised Si Yi, Yun Jian had already done so by the time she was aware of it—not like she regretted it.

The next day around five in the evening, the sky was already turning dark as daylight was short during the winter.

It would be time for Wonder Company’s fancy dinner, the company of Zhang Shaofeng’s father, at six in the evening.

The reason it was called a fancy dinner was because the guests of the evening party would usually dress up extravagantly before they attended the event.

Putting on makeup was, of course, inevitable and so was having a proper dress. Zhang Shaofeng had already prepared the dress and suit for Yun Jian and Yun Yi.

The latter was wearing a black suit while Yun Jian put on the evening dress that Zhang Shaofeng had asked Chen Xinyi to send over. She coiled her long hair up too and put on light makeup. It was faint, almost like she did not put on anything.

Yun Jian’s complexion was great, fair milky skin and red rosy lips, so it did not make too much of a difference whether she put on makeup or not.

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