The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 358 - A Greeting, This Is My Master

Chapter 358 - A Greeting, This Is My Master

The fancy dinner was actually nothing but an evening party for people of different social circles to mingle and to become acquainted with each other. Children would play with each other while a.d.u.l.ts would discuss relevant matters with them.

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The only similarity that tied both age groups together was that everyone would get dressed and dolled up to attend the event. It could even be seen as a matchmaking occasion to some.

Certain wealthy families would bring their children of marriageable age, daughters who were fitted beautifully or sons who were groomed handsomely, here and acquaint them if they met people sharing the same objective as they did.

The current riches emphasized having equivalent family backgrounds, so it only seemed wise to select their sons or daughters-in-law in an elaborate fancy dinner like this.

Yun Jian rarely wore makeup. Other than missions or necessary occasions, she usually went around her business barefaced in her past life.

For this fancy dinner, she put on some light makeup and that effort was only because of Zhang Shaofeng.

Si Yi would not be attending big events like this and Yun Jian was not planning to bring Qing You either. After all, Zhang Shaofeng had only invited her and her elder brother, Yun Yi.

The evening dress that Chen Xinyi had sent her was a black see-through laced one but there was enough lining on the inside to cover what should not be exposed, so there was no worry of an accidental flash.

There was, however, a con to the evening dress. It bared both shoulders. To wear something like this during winter was a surefire way to induce some shudders. Although, the majority wore evening dresses that bared their shoulders and arms.

The evening party was held indoors and heaters were available. As long as one got inside the venue, the cold would not get to them.

Yun Jian wore said evening dress baring her shoulders on the inside and dr.a.p.ed a down jacket over herself. The resulting outfit looked odd but she did not care.

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After meeting Zhang Shaofeng with Yun Yi, the former took both of them into the venue of the fancy party.

The heater in the hall greeted them with warm air as soon as they stepped in.

"Let’s go, let’s greet my dad first. Master, my dad’s actually been wanting to see you since he knows that I’m learning some skills from you," Zhang Shaofeng said as he elf them inside.

In front of them, a tall middle-aged man holding a wine glass was absorbed in chatting to the person before him. Zhang Shaofeng went straight ahead to the tall middle-aged man.

"Feng’er, you’re here?"

The man turned to talk to Zhang Shaofeng after seeing him and excusing himself from the person standing in front of him.

This was Zhang Shaofeng’s father, Zhang Qishan.

His name, literally, was quite old-fashioned. Truth to be told, Zhang Qishan did not have an easy childhood; his parents were villagers, so the name they could come up with for him naturally left not much for the imagination.

Zhang Qishan left home to venture out on his own at a young age. Taking the right path, he slowly turned his life around from being penniless. Until now, Wonder Company was a big brand in Country Z.

"Mm, dad, this is my master," Zhang Shaofeng introduced Yun Jian with a finger pointed at her to Zhang Qishan.

The man had heard from his son that he was picking up some martial art skills from Yun Jian but when he saw Yun Jian’s age and lean physique, he was still taken aback.

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