The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 359 - This Is Fine. Distant Relatives

Chapter 359 - This Is Fine. Distant Relatives

It was true that Yun Jian’s appearance did not match her ability. Zhang Qishan could not be blamed for disbelieving that she was the skillful master his son kept mentioning when he saw her for the first time.

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"Nice to meet you, Mr. Zhang," Yun Jian greeted Zhang Qishan politely.

"Mm, hello, girl!" Zhang Qishan nodded and smiled apologetically to Yun Jian and Yun Yi. "Excuse me for the lack of service. I have something to tend to now, please feel free to go around!"

It was because Zhang Qishan still had some important things to discuss with the person he was talking to just now.

To businessmen like Zhang Qishan, this fancy dinner was just a social gathering to acquaint more friends and contacts who would benefit their businesses and expand their network.

"Mm, thank you, Mr. Zhang," Yun Jian thanked him politely and left with Zhang Shaofeng and Yun Yi.

"Hey, master, the temperature in here is just nice. It isn’t too warm or too cold. Why are you still bundling up with a thick down jacket?" Zhang Shaofeng took a look at Yun Jian and asked in confusion.

"This is fine." Yun Jian patted herself, not planning to remove the down jacket that was helping to conceal her impressive figure.

She was not bragging. It was a fact that puberty served her greatly for this body of hers in this life. She was curvy and cut where they should be. The original owner of this body was already good looking—if Yun Jian took off the down jacket, she would perhaps become the center of attention.

It was not even an exaggeration and Yun Jian did not want such limelight.

"Oh hey, look, both of them are finally here!" Zhang Shaofeng had just nodded hesitantly at Yun Jian’s decision when his gaze drifted off and suddenly espied a few people coming in through the door, telling Yun Jian as he stood up to wave at them.

Chen Xinyi and Ling Yichen were seen walking in shoulder to shoulder while a few of their peers, both boys and girls, tailed them. Looking at the two teenagers, however, they did not seem to be welcoming those behind them.

Chen Xinyi was wearing a pink strapless dress today, accentuating her rather desirable figure, while Ling Yichen wore a matching black suit, the tailored fit making him look more handsome.

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The moment both of them saw Yun Jian, they looked like they saw rescue, frantically scurrying to her and trying to shake off the teenagers following them.

"Jian Jian!" Chen Xinyi shouted and ran behind her. Ling Yichen stood himself close to her as well.

"Hey, why are you guys running so fast? We almost lost you! This is how you treat your guests?"

The teenagers tailing Chen Xinyi and Ling Yichen caught up as well with one younger girl among them crying out with a finger pointing at them.

She was extravagantly dressed, glowing in gold from top to toe with a huge bowknot hanging under her c.h.e.s.t that bound her average waist.

This girl was Song Shanshan. She and the teenagers behind her were Zhang Shaofeng’s distant relatives. Zhang Shaofeng’s father, Zhang Qishan, was not originally from Zhe Province. He was from a rural village further up the mountainous northern region.

These teenagers were Zhang Qishan’s distant relatives from the same place. Song Shanshan was also from there.

Being distant relative to Zhang Qishan and as the year was coming to an end now, schools in rural areas were already on their winter break.

Song Shanshan and others came to Zhang Shaofeng’s home during winter breaks. Once they came, they addressed themselves as their honorable guests and began making various requests.

As the elder of the family, Zhang Qishan tried to fulfill their whims and wishes, believing it was especially rare for his distant relatives to travel all the way to Zhe Province.

Whether it was extravagant clothes and accessories or food and games that they wanted, Zhang Qishan was the one who paid for everything. These teenagers who called themselves distant relatives were spendthrifts, squandering like they had a free ATM.

Zhang Shaofeng, Chen Xinyi and Ling Yichen had been long dissatisfied with this bunch of people but they could only let themselves be pestered as Zhang Qishan had given them his word.

Like just now, Zhang Shaofeng had just managed to flee but Song Shanshan and her other cousins demanded that Chen Xinyi and Ling Yichen take them shopping with the title of their distant relatives.

It was only when it was time for the evening party that they rushed here.

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