The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 360 - Freeloaders. Let Me See

Chapter 360 - Freeloaders. Let Me See

Song Shanshan and others were from the rural mountainous area. They had not been able to see much usually and since winter break came early this year, they packed up and came to Zhang Shaofeng’s home in a throng.

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Zhang Qishan was down to earth and nice. As the host to his indigent relatives’ visit, he treated them all with the best he could receive his guests.

Evidently, Song Shanshan and others had explicitly asked for the sparkling shimmery evening dresses they were wearing to be bought with Zhang Qishan’s money. Otherwise, their economic status back home would never afford them to buy one of these dresses even when they were given another half lifetimes of savings.

Zhang Qishan was the only one who made it out of the countryside and earned his worth but he became a free ATM to these teenagers.

After all, they were used to destitute lives in the rustic mountains, so the audacious bunch splurged now that they were here in Longmen City for Zhang Qishan and the latter himself was generous in hosting.

It was not like they were using their own money, so they spent it like water.

"Stop following us!" Chen Xinyi gritted at Song Shanshan and her cousins.

Song Shanshan and her gang were unbelievably thick-skinned. How else could they freeload in a relative’s home?

Chen Xinyi and Zhang Shaofeng were cousins, so she was somehow, minutely and insignificantly related to Song Shanshan and the rest. It was just that the teenagers’ behavior called for resentment and indignation.

"Should I do exactly what you say? Humph, how dare you treat me like this? Trust I’ll tell uncle that you’re bullying us!" Song Shanshan pointed a finger at Chen Xinyi, smugness dripping off her tone.

The one she was referring to as her uncle was none other than Zhang Qishan.

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"You..." Chen Xinyi fumed. She was going to argue but Zhang Shaofeng stopped her.

"Ignore them, we’ll be on our way!" Zhang Shaofeng said, glancing at Yun Jian and Chen Xinyi.

"Hold on, stand right there!" Song Shanshan led her pals to block them, standing in front of the path Yun Jian and friends were going to take.

"This is a fancy dinner, why aren’t you taking off your jacket?" Song Shanshan asked after a moment of staring at Yun Jian’s fair and delicate pretty face. This time, her tone was laced with envy and jealousy.

It was just like what Zhang Shaofeng had asked.

Song Shanshan herself looked average. Kids like them who came from the mountain region, having lived an impoverished life, were determined to have the fun of their lives now that they were here in Zhe Province.

Attending this evening party, Song Shanshan and the girls she were with were even thinking that it would be great if they could meet someone potentially. Who knows if some wealthy young masters liked them?

Being called out suddenly, Yun Jian scanned Song Shanshan and her cousins with a side-eye and drew, "I don’t want to."

Her impassiveness irked Song Shanshan.

Puffing her c.h.e.s.t up at Yun Jian’s words, Song Shanshan thought that the body Yun Jian was hiding under the puffy jacket was one that was flat and thin like a child’s.

"Take it off, let me see!" Curious, Song Shanshan stopped Yun Jian and requested unreasonably.

"Who do you think you are, Song Shanshan! Why should she take it off just because you want her to!" Unable to take it, Chen Xinyi bit back at the girl.

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