The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 361 - Tying Song Shanshan Up. A Sudden Face Slap

Chapter 361 - Tying Song Shanshan Up. A Sudden Face Slap

Song Shanshan and her little friends were from the poor mountainous region in the countryside.

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It had been days since they freeloaded in Zhang Qishan’s home and they had been trying to change, namely spending Zhang Qishan’s money without shame, purchasing luxury brands, going to salons, and more. In spite of it, none could mask the boorish behavior that was innate in them.

Especially with Chen Xinyi’s retaliation, Song Shanshan was infuriated, sassing Yun Jian, "What are you trying to cover up? It’s just a jacket—you can’t even take it off!"

All Song Shanshan wanted was to see if Yun Jian’s figure was as slim as hers.

After all, girls were creatures of comparison. She was from the rustic countryside but that did not stop her from being mindful of these things.

From Song Shanshan’s point of view, Yun Jian had such a pretty face but she must either be flat like an iron board or fat like a pear for being reluctant to take off the puffy down jacket. With that thought in mind, Song Shanshan was secretly soothed.

"So what?" Yun Jian turned to look at her, thinking that the girl and the bunch behind her were ridiculous.

Song Shanshan knew that Yun Jian was unwilling to take off her jacket from that response.

"Humph, I hate how you city folks put up a façade like you’re better than everyone else!" Song Shanshan hurled an insult at Yun Jian.

Then, with a finger pointed at Yun Jian, Song Shanshan continued to speak, her tone asking for hate, "Just for your ignorance just now, you have to remove that down jacket today whether you want to or not!"

The demanding words put a frown on Yun Jian.

Yun Jian was unafraid of her threat.

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"I’m wearing the jacket. Are you sure you have what it takes to take it off me?" Yun Jian hooked a finger at Song Shanshan tauntingly, thoroughly enraging the latter.

Due to the slow economic progress and the sparse population in the mountainous villages, it could take one up to two hours to walk from the village to a town. Song Shanshan was a rustic country girl and a usual bully for having the majority on her side. Yun Jian’s hook of her finger tipped her over the edge.

"Hah, you soft city folks, I’ll let you know how to ball your eyes out today!" Seething with rage, Song Shanshan had long been jealous of Yun Jian’s delicate pretty face, so her wrath only crackled fiercer with Yun Jian’s taunt.

"I’ll beat you up! Stupid city girl! Conceited idiots!" As Song Shanshan flared, she ran for Yun Jian and tried to yank her down jacket off.

To be honest, Song Shanshan’s strength was considerable among women—but it paled in front of Yun Jian.

People were already looking over at what was happening. When all the attention poured in, the sight was Song Shanshan pouncing at Yun Jian in an attempt to cage her and wrench her jacket off.

What they saw next was Yun Jian tilting away slightly and avoiding Song Shanshan’s advance before the former smirked and took off her outerwear herself. Holding on to the down jacket and going around Song Shanshan, Yun Jian tied her up swiftly.

Yun Jian had taken off the jacket on her own.

By the time Song Shanshan was bound and dropped to the floor like a twisted doughnut, all everyone could see was Yun Jian’s slim figure exposed to their view.

The black see-through laced evening dress hugged her curves perfectly while leaving enough for imagination, catching and stopping one’s gaze.

Song Shanshan was restrained on the floor but she could still see Yun Jian.

The latter who was now out of her down jacket was shapely with perfect proportions, mesmerizing those watching into stunned saucer-like eyes.

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